6 Interesting Facts about Pandas

Ashley | 04 - 05 - 2021

YouTube is filled with videos on cute and funny interesting facts about giant pandas. Check out these interesting facts about pandas YouTube missed.

Panda Facts and Information

  1. Do You Know Why Pandas Are Only Found in China?
    Pandas were once normal bears that evolved into super cute balls of admiration due to China’s dense bamboo forests and climate.
  2. Why Is the Panda Population Not Thriving?
    Pandas have short periods of fertility and give birth to one cub at a time. Thus, they are found in scarce quantities and marked as a species of conservation. Pandas spend about 14 hours eating, and 99% of their diet consists of bamboo. Bamboos are low in nutrients. Therefore, pandas didn’t have the strength to migrate to other countries away from China when faced with deforestation.
  3. Panda Cubs
    Panda gives birth to one cub in a said fertility period, and cubs are comparatively tiny at birth weighing about 100gms. In the event of twin birth, pandas get annoyed taking care of two cubs due to the low nutrient diet and end up killing one baby. The giant panda’s height and weight depend on the availability of food and living conditions. On average, they are 60-90cms tall on all fours and weigh around 220 pounds.
  4. Nature and Behavior
    Pandas are intelligent and cunning creatures, unlike their dumb and innocent depiction on social media. Though human attacks are unusual, pandas are known to strike and bite their opponent to death in case of a fight. Thus, pandas in captivity can never be released into the wild.
    Pandas live in solitary and mingle only during mating season in the wild. Pandas in captivity live together yet don’t make meaningful relationships with each other and caretakers. All those funny videos of panda love are an impulsive act and are not due to bondage.
  5. Predators
    Pandas don’t have any natural predators once they grow up. Panda cubs usually found refugee on tall trees to escape from jackals and other wild cats. Male pandas are also known to climb trees as a mating ritual to impress their female counterparts.
  6. Ownership
    Since pandas are at the risk of extinction, zoos have taken up the responsibility to save this species. Yet ownership of all pandas remains with China, and individuals of the species are usually leased out to other zoos for a specific period agreed upon.

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