6 Weird Laws in Arizona

Iris | 06 - 28 - 2021
weird arizona laws

Every state in the country has some strange laws that make no sense to anyone. Weird laws in Colorado have their fair share of strange laws. Some of which are city-specific and some of which are state-wide, like New Mexico’s weird laws.

But, when it comes to absurdity, the crazy laws in Arizona are at the extreme end of the range which will definitely arouse your innermost desire to go to Arizona, or make you wonder who on earth came up with these strange laws in Arizona and what prompted the need for them in the first place. Go through our Arizona weird laws quiz and find out whether it is an original law or just a myth.

  • There Is No Spitting in Public Places.

Well, you might have heard this. This law is common in almost every country. It is prohibited in Goodyear, Arizona, for anybody to spit on public sidewalks, roadways, or crosswalks. It’s also against the law to spit on a public route, in a park, or in a public facility. If you spit outside a public building, such as a city hall, you might be charged. A punishment of up to $2,500 or six months in jail is possible. Some people believe that this strange Arizona legislation should be implemented in a variety of other areas. Nobody should disregard personal hygiene or public health. 

Was It Illegal to Hunt Camels in Arizona?
  • A. Yes
  • B. No
  • Animals have Vehicle rights.

Do you love riding a horse? Then you must adhere to standard traffic laws. Horseback riding is popular among Arizona people. Again, seeing animals on the road is rather common. As a result, Arizona law provides the same protections and rights to animals as it does to motor vehicles. This also applies to donkeys, camels, and any other animal whose back you may ride. A horse-drawn carriage is also classified as a motor vehicle under Arizona law. It is also unlawful to frighten a horse that is being ridden. To be precise, this is one of Arizona’s top five strange laws.

  • Do Not Produce Imitation Drugs

We all know that drugs are the most dangerous and Cocaine is a substance that many people mistake for flour, sugar, or any other white powder in every country. In Arizona, making fake narcotics like cocaine is a class 6 offense. You might face significant consequences if you intend to produce, distribute, or possess counterfeit medicines. An imitation restricted drug cannot be manufactured, distributed, or possessed with the intent to distribute. 

  • Don’t Take a Game Bird, Mammal, or Fish

Are you an avid hunter? In the issue of hunting, Arizona adheres to the oldest standards of sustainability. There are a few things you should be aware of. To begin, it is unlawful in Arizona to take a game bird, game animal, or game fish. You are not permitted to take large wildlife with the assistance of dogs. There are several exceptions. Bears and mountain lions are permitted as large games. So, just take what you need to survive. Don’t risk your life for hunting passion.

  • Don’t Ignore the Obnoxious Motorist Law

Do you ever drive on a flooded street? If you know the route is blocked by officials, you’d best be prepared to pay for your rescue. This legislation is known as Arizona’s “Stupid Motorist Law.” This law was enacted in 1995. It states that any driver who willingly drives around police obstacles and becomes stuck is responsible for emergency rescue charges. In other words, Arizona is all about ‘paying for your foolishness.’

  • Do Not Pursue a Career in Fortune Telling

Are you trying to improve your career in fortune-telling, palm reading, or palmistry? Then we are sorry, Avondale, Arizona, is not your place. It is unlawful in Avondale to perform hypnosis or to be hypnotized, even if it is free. However, certified physicians of medicine or dentistry are permitted to use hypnosis. This strange law is only in effect in Avondale. In other regions of Arizona, the rising community of witches, wizards, and other similar sorts of practitioners can still practice freely.

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