Top Most Anticipated TV Shows of 2021

Eliza | 14 - 01 - 2021
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Questions 1 - 10

Name the Most Anticipated TV Show of 2021 Which cast Selena Gomes?

Questions 2 - 10

This Series Is the Legacy Sequel of ‘’The Karate Kid’’ Film and It Was Released on January 1 as a New Year Gift for Their Fans. Can You Guess the Series Name?

Questions 3 - 10

Can You Name the Series Which Is about the Upside World and a Mixture of Science Fiction and Horror. This Series Revolves around Hawkins with School Children

Questions 4 - 10

This Is One of the Most Expensive TV Series and Amazon Bought This for $250 Million in 2017. Fans Can Expect Its Upcoming Season Anytime in 2021. Guess This Series Name

Questions 5 - 10

The Lead in This Series Is a Forensic Analyst and Also a Serial Killer. This Series’s First Season Was Based on a Book. Can You Find This Series?

Questions 6 - 10

Guess This Upcoming Series That Has the Marvel Characters’ Real Name?

Questions 7 - 10

Famous American TV Drama Show Which Shows the Life of Privileged Teenagers and This Series Also Influenced People on the Fashion Trends. Find Its Name

Questions 8 - 10

Guess This Series Name Which Deals with the Life of Teenagers Who Deals with Drugs, Sex, and Parties?

Questions 9 - 10

A Retired Business Decides to Run to His Beloved City to Pursue His Dream. This Series Premiered on January 7, 2021. Guess This Series

Questions 10 - 10

This Is a Dating Reality TV Series That Premiered on Netflix. People Are Eagerly Waiting to See Which Couples Are Still Together in 2021?