Fun Facts On the New Jersey Population

Ashley | 19 - 07 - 2021

Globalization has led to the diverse culture in major US cities. America has secured a mid-position when it comes to racial and ethnic diversity while the top 20 positions are held mostly by African countries and Canada. 

This quiz on the New Jersey Population 2021 mainly concentrates on:

  1. How many people live in New Jersey?
  2. Which group of people make up most of the population?
  3. Other interesting facts about the population of New Jersey

Are you ready to take the quiz?

1. Which Is the Most Populous State in the US?

2. New Jersey Is the ____ Populated State in the US

3. New Jersey is the _____ Most Diverse State in the US

4. What Is the US Population of 2021?

5. What Is the Majority Race in New Jersey?

6. Which Is the Poorest City in the US?

7. Which Is the Richest City in the US?

8. New Jersey Has Produced the Most _____ in the World

9. New Jersey Has the Second Most Population of ______

10. Which Is the Richest Place to Live In New Jersey?

11. Which Is the Most Affordable Place In New Jersey?

12. Which Is the Best Place to Live In America?

13. Which Is the Best Place to Live in Newark, New Jersey?

14. Which Is the Most Diverse City in New Jersey?

15. What Is the Population in New Jersey in 2021?