The Haunted Brigantine Castle of New Jersey

Ashley | 11 - 06 - 2021

Do you know that the Brigantine Castle of New Jersey was not always a haunted pier?

  1. The Brigantine haunted castle is actually a funhouse that hosted entertaining shows and more from 1976.
  2.  The Brigantine Castle fire was not the only reason for the funhouse shut down. 

Discover 15 more interesting Brigantine Castle facts in the quiz.

1. The Brigantine Castle Opened On ______

2. Who Built the Brigantine Castle?

3. Where Was the Brigantine Castle Built?

4. Who Visited Brigantine Castle?

5. The Castle Was Famous for its _______

6. What Caused a Drop-In Business at the Castle?

7. Who Bought the Brigantine Castle?

8. What Caused the Brigantine Castle Fire?

9. How Many Children Died in the Great Adventure Fire?

10. The Brigantine Castle Model Is Displayed at _____

11. Where Is Brigantine Located?

12. Brigantine Is Considered as the ______ Place in the U.S.

13. The Brigantine Hotel Was Famous for _____

14. Who Rekindled the Brigantine History?

15. Brigantine Is Also Known as ______