Unknown Facts about Your Camden Drive-In.

Iris | 23 - 07 - 2021

Nothing can be more wonderful than watching a movie in an open auditorium. The concept of drive-ins has resurfaced from the shadows. The golden age of the American drive-in movie theater occurred decades ago which can’t be compared to the modern drive-ins. Although many drive-in theaters organize double-feature nights, snacks such as popcorn, candy, and drink, just like a traditional drive-in and a normal cinema. Some even include playgrounds for families to keep their youngsters entertained. But these were not there in the first place. Know more Camden drive-in facts through our engaging quiz.

1. Who Invented the Drive-In Theater?

2. When Was the Drive-in Theater Officially Opened?

3. The Patent for Camden Drive-In Theater Was Issued On______?

4. With an Investment of _________, Richard Opened the First Drive-In.

5. What Was the Opening Film in Camden Drive-In?

6. Hollingshead Mounted a _____ Kodak Projector on the Hood of His Car.

7. How Many Cars Does a Drive-In Theater Hold?

8. Richard Hollingshead Built the drive-in for his father.

9. When Was the Construction of the Camden Drive-in Theater Begin?

10. How Much Was the Entry Fee in Camden Drive-In for per Passenger?

11. Hollingshead Sold the Theater in Which Year?

12. What Is the Name of Richard’s Drive-in Theater?

13. How Many Drive-in Movie Theaters Are There in the United States?

14. Who Are the Investors of Camden Drive-in Theater?

15. How Much Was the Entry Fee in Camden Drive-In for per Automobile?