Find These Best Ice Creams in Pittsburgh with Our Quiz

Elmira | 13 - 06 - 2021

Pittsburgh is best known for offering tons of delicious ice creams. Many of them are locally made products that will make you come back for more. Satisfy your sweet tooth by exploring these best ice cream shops in Pittsburgh. Do you think you know these famous ice cream shops in Pittsburgh? Then test your knowledge with our interesting quiz on ‘ice cream in Pittsburgh’ to see how well you perform. Indulge in your favourite flavor by exploring these famous ice cream shops in Pittsburgh. Want to know the best Pittsburgh ice cream company? Take our enjoyable quiz to expand your knowledge.


1. When Was Millie's Homemade Ice Cream Founded?

2. This Ice Cream Shop Boasts for Making Pittsburgh's Largest Cone.

3. When Was Klavon’s Ice Cream Shop Established?

4. Which Ice Cream Shop Boasts for Producing More Than 200 Different Ice Cream Flavors?

5. Which One of Pittsburgh’s Ice Cream Shops Operated by a Family?

6. Which One of the Following Ice Cream Shop Is Opened in March 2020?

7. When Was Betsy’s Ice Cream Shop Established?

8. Mercurio’s Gelato Makes Homemade Gelato Which Rotates with Over _______flavors.

9. Which Ice Cream Parlour Debuted after 20 Years of Absence in Pittsburgh?

10. This Shop Achieved Many Rewards; One of Them Is the

11. Which Ice Cream Shop Was Originally Built as a Barbershop in 1960?

12. When Was Joe Zeppi Founded?

13. This Shop Is Operating as an Ice Cream Shop since 1960.

14. This Ice Cream Shop Offers Truly Great Custard.

15. Who Owns Handel's Ice Cream?