10 Facts About Mercedes F200 Controlled by Joysticks

Ashley | 01 - 03 - 2022
Mercedes Controlled by Joysticks

The Mercedes F200 controlled by joysticks is one of the most innovative and ambitious projects adopted by the Mercedes-Benz company. 

Facts About Mercedes F200 Controlled by Joysticks

The avantgarde coupe 1996 F 200 Imagination model is second in the F series and here is how it functions. 

How Was the Mercedes F200 Imagination Shaped?

Being every man’s dream car the Mercedes F200 was simple and sleek from the outside. The car had an electro-transparent panoramic roof glass that was reused in the Maybach 62 series and spectacular butterfly doors.  

Which Mercedes-Benz Car Features a Joystick?
  • A. F200 Imagination
  • B. F-Cell
  • D. All of the Above

What Are the Features of the Mercedes F200?

There was no steering wheel and pedals at all. The car was designed based on the “drive-by-wire” concept. The driver had full control over the car only through joysticks and voice. The car can be much similar to any video game car or a plane. 

While pulling the joystick forward increases the speed, pulling in the opposite direction means brakes. The joysticks were located on the door trim panel and center console at elbow distance to add to the comfort and floor space in the car. Plus, you only needed one of these joysticks to control the entire vehicle.

Did Mercedes F200 Have Voice Command?

Yes, the car could process basic instructions to determine the required speed to maneuver in wet roads, when to reverse or apply brakes in a flash because you can’t come out damage-free in real life if you were to lose control over the joysticks like the games. 

The car would recognize and accept only the driver’s commands to deliver the smoothest possible experience to the passengers. 

Other Futuristic Innovations on the Mercedes F200 Series

  • The car also guaranteed utmost safety during side crashes and rollovers with its window airbags.
  • It was equipped with active body control.
  • Five mini cameras with a video system permanently replaced the rearview mirror. 
  • The car operated at a speed of 394 hp through a five-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission.
  • A four-stroke spark-ignition 12 cylinders engine delivered the entire power for the automobile. 

Mercedes-Benz Tested a Joystick Control System

Now that they did test a dream car, do you know why it never came to the market and why no other company took an initiative to make something similar to the Mercedes-Benz F200 Imagination? 

The car was launched in the 1996 Paris motor show only for show off and has made a permanent home in a museum now. The features were later used on the S-Class and CL-Class models. 

While the F200 was a step towards aviation, here is a quiz on real-life flying cars by Renault


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