Weird Laws Trivia Questions and Answers

Think you’re the expert on the strange laws in the world? Find out for sure with our weird laws quiz online. There are truly some dumb laws out there. Many of them were made when they were written, but today, they seem weird, strange, and a little questionable. Each state is home to some of the dumb laws that may seem inappropriate as they made 100 years ago but are still on the books. Check out these weird laws trivia questions and answers that leave you in shock. Play our engaging crazy state laws quiz now to find out how knowledgeable you are.

Ten Weird Laws in Nebraska that Still on the Books
Some laws are weird, crazy, and illogical, but still written in the book. Find out some weird Nebraska laws here.
Are There Any Weird Laws in Ohio?
Planning to wear patent leather shoes? Sorry, you can’t. You are prohibited from it. Come across more weird laws in Ohio here.
10 Weird Idaho Laws That Still Exist
Did you know? You can’t give your love a sweet box of candy that weighs less than 50 pounds. Read on to know more weird Idaho laws.
Why Is Florida So Weird? Here Are 25 Laws That Justify It
Why is Florida so weird and the Florida man so popular? Find out the weird laws from the orange state with this trivia quiz.
Weird Laws in California that Leave You in Surprise
Do you think you know everything about California? Take our fun quiz to learn these wild and wacky laws in California.
Get to Know the Famous Weird Laws in Alaska
Did you know? In Alaska, it's illegal to view moose from an aeroplane. Discover weird laws in Alaska.
Top 50 Weird Laws in the World Will Leave You in Awe
Learning these weird laws matters as they can save you from going to jail. Find the dumbest laws in the world.
Top 10 Funny and Crazy Laws in NJ
Did you know? You can’t eat or buy ice cream without a doctor’s note. Discover more crazy laws in NJ here.
Weird Laws in North Carolina That Are Broken Every Day
Do you know what is a dumb law in North Carolina? Get into our blog to discover the top 15 weird laws in North Carolina.
12 Strange Laws in West Virginia
These strange laws in West Virginia will make dumb people look super intelligent. Question your lucidity with a trivia game.
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