General Knowledge Trivia Questions and Answers

Our general trivia quizzes and general trivia questions and answers help grow your confidence level. Read our important information and general knowledge trivia questions to perceive the world, understand your surroundings, and analyze situations better. Find a lot of general knowledge quiz to shape your personality and behavior. We induce information, facts, and intelligence and openness to experience with our GK quizzes.

World Chess Champions
From Wilhelm Steinitz to Ding Liren, here is the sorted list of the top 20 players who haveruled the chess world till now.
50 Weird Laws in the US
50 weird laws in the US: 1. Cannot make faces at dogs 2. Cannot wrestle a bear 3. Cannot have a rat as a pet 4. Killing animals on Su
What Is Hot Car Death? Why Do They Happen and How to Prevent Them?
Almost 16 hot car death have been recorded in 2023 so far,increasing the number of deaths to more than 1000 in the last three decades
What Is Valentine’s Week and How Is It Celebrated?
Each day of Valentine’s week holds its own significance, offering opportunities to strengthen your relationship and promote its well-
What Is the Phobia of Technology?
Are you scared of technology? You might have technophobia. Play the quiz to learn more about phobia of technology
How Good Is Your Spelling? Guess These Medical Terms Correctly
If you want to understand basic medical terms, take our challenging medical terms quizzes now, and share them with your friends.
Where You Can & Can’t Flush Toilet Paper around the World
If you are ready to travel, spend a minute to learn which countries don't use toilet paper and which countries are not.
Why Is It Called a Flea Market?
Learn more about the flea market history, the popularity of specific regions, other names, and common things bought in the market.
What Passport Colors Really Mean Around the World?
There are four major colors used for a passport worldwide. Explore why the countries chose particular colors for their passport.
How Many Escalators are in Wyoming
The state of Wyoming has only two sets of escalators in total? Read on to learn other surprising facts about Escalators in Wyoming
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