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General Knowledge is basically all the general information that has been gathered from various fields over time. Trivia Shape presents weird trivia facts, random trivia facts, and interesting trivia questions to keep you all engaged. So follow Trivia Sharp to stay updated about the world knowledge.

Where You Can & Can’t Flush Toilet Paper around the World
If you are ready to travel, spend a minute to learn which countries don't use toilet paper and which countries are not.
How Many Escalators are in Wyoming
The state of Wyoming has only two sets of escalators in total? Read on to learn other surprising facts about Escalators in Wyoming
The Weirdest Fact About Human Tongues
Discover the fascinating facts about the tongue like taste buds, tongue print, eight muscles, health issues, and more.
Can a Cat Be a Telephone?
The cat telephone myth turns out to be a fact. Get to know the associated experiment conducted at Princeton University in 1929.
What Are the Five Social Media Sites That Failed Miserably?
Not all social media sites can take the irreplaceable spot among people. To prove why here is a list of 5 social media sites
Facts about the Four Corners Monument
Four Corners Monument is a place that allows you to be in four states at the same time. Take the quiz to learn more.
All You Need to Know about Bubble Gum
Let us see how and when Bubble Gum was invented and have an overview of the accidental history behind Chewing gum- Fun Treat.
Do You Know What Are the Little Buttons on Jeans for?
The small buttons you find on the jeans are not a part of jean fashion, it serves a unique purpose. Read on to learn more!
Why Was the Deepest Man-Made Hole Sealed?
The deepest man-made hole considered the gateway to hell has a voice of its own. Here is what the ruins hide under a sealed hole.
Guinness World Record for the longest Hiccups
Who holds the Guinness world record for hiccups and why you shouldn’t attempt to beat his record. Play this quiz to find out.
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