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General Knowledge is basically all the general information that has been gathered from various fields over time. Trivia Shape presents weird trivia facts, random trivia facts, and interesting trivia questions to keep you all engaged. So follow Trivia Sharp to stay updated about the world knowledge.

Did Humans Evolve from Monkeys? Nope and Here Are Why!
Did humans evolve from monkeys? Find why humans couldn’t have evolved from monkeys through an interesting science trivia.
What Is the Driest Place on Earth? Facts About Atacama Desert
The Atacama Desert was formed 3 million years ago. Find more facts about the driest desert in the world.
Interesting Facts About America You Should Know
Find interesting American history facts that most of the history books don't tell you
Waipuhia Waterfall Will Leave You Amazed
Did you know? Waipuhia falls in Ohio, Hawaii flows upside down! Read on to know more about inverted waterfalls.
31 Weirdest and Wackiest Facts About the Human Body
Do you know what lies beneath your skin? Find out the weird and wacky facts about the human body with a quiz game immediately.
Ketchup Was Used as Medicine! Say What?
Saucy facts on why ketchup was used as medicine and more. Play the quiz to find out whether ketchup should be consumed or not.
Dried Fruits Nutritional Value and Health Benefits
Vitamin C and Vitamin A decrease up to 80% when food is dried! Read on to know more about dried fruits' nutritional value.
A Simple History: Lemon Juice as an Antidote
Whenever you see a lemon all you think about is lemonade, but how many of you know lemon juice is an antidote for various diseases?
Yes, a Cockroach Can Live without Its Head
Flying cockroaches are terrifying but find how a cockroach can live without its head for weeks through a roach trivia now.
When Is the Blueberry Season?
When is the blueberry season? Can you really pick, ripen, and sweeten blueberries at home? Here is a berry interesting quiz for you.
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