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General Knowledge is basically all the general information that has been gathered from various fields over time. Trivia Shape presents weird trivia facts, random trivia facts, and interesting trivia questions to keep you all engaged. So follow Trivia Sharp to stay updated about the world knowledge.

7 Truths About Antarctica Revealed!
What are they hiding in Antarctica to have Google earth blocked? Play to unearth 7 truths about Antarctica & other conspiracies.
The History and Origin behind Hot dog
Did you know? Americans consume 20 billion hot dogs per year! Read on to discover hot dog origin and history.
Ridiculous Study That Got $1 Million from the U.S. Government
Discover why Indiana University got $1 million from the U.S government to study memes by playing this entertaining trivia now!
US Coast Guard Trained Pigeons to Rescue People
Did you know? US Coast Guard trained pigeons to spot lost people at sea. Play our quiz to know more exciting facts about it.
Selfie Death Statistics: Selfies Kill More People Than Sharks
Did you know? Selfie deaths are five times more than shark deaths. Find more information about selfie deaths.
13 Interesting Facts about a Snails Lifespan
Do you know why snails hibernate for 3 straight years? Play this quiz and discover the interesting facts about a snail’s lifespan.
Do Astronauts Get Taller In Space? Uncover the Truth
Did you know astronauts can have a height boost when they live in space? Find more facts here.
Get to Know About The Mesmerizing Australian Rainbow Lattice Sunstone Facts
Have you heard of the Australian Rainbow Lattice Sunstone? Read & Discover more astonishing facts about rainbow lattice now.
Unbelievable Facts about the Star Sand Beach
Did you know that star-shaped sand is actually a living creature? Find more exciting star sand beach facts here.
Alien Black Dragonfish Facts You Should Know!
Take this deep-sea trivia to discover the black dragonfish facts that have given sleepless nights to many oceanographers.
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