Weird Trivia Questions and Answers

General Knowledge is basically all the general information that has been gathered from various fields over time. Trivia Shape presents weird trivia facts, random trivia facts, and interesting trivia questions to keep you all engaged. So follow Trivia Sharp to stay updated about the world knowledge.

Did You Know Why It Is So Hard to Get Ketchup Out of the Bottle?
Have you ever wondered why is it so hard to get ketchup out of the bottle? Read on to know the tricks and tips.
A Fascinating Quiz on Why Are Doorknobs Made of Brass?
Have you wondered why most of the doorknobs are made of brass? It is probably for your good. Read now and explore more!
10 Unknown Facts about Erasers That You Haven’t Heard About
The erasers don’t work manually; they work chemically. Get into our blog to know more interesting facts about erasers.
Do You Know What Are the Little Buttons on Jeans for?
The small buttons you find on the jeans are not a part of jean fashion, it serves a unique purpose. Read on to learn more!
Why Is There a Ferrite Lump on Your Charging Cable?
We use our charges every single day, but have you ever wondered why a huge cylinder is given along with it? Read right away!
What Causes Auroras to Appear Over the Poles?
Do you know why the northern lights are mostly green? Read on to discover what causes auroras to appear in the earth’s sky.
Why Do Shirts Have a Tiny Fabric Loop on the Back of the Shirt?
If you are the one who has no clue about tiny fabric loops on shirts, discover the purpose of the loop on the back of the shirts.
Why has Joe Biden Added a Moon Rock to Oval Office?
The Moon Rock collected by the astronauts and moonwalkers in 1972 now decorates the Oval Office as a symbol of achievement.
Why Is Ice Slippery?
Did you know that the outermost layer of ice is the reason for its slippery nature. Learn more facts about why ice is slippery.
10 Unknown Facts about the World’s Darkest Material (Vantablack)
Did you know that Vantablack is the darkest material on Earth? Learn how this material is synthesized and sold!
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