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One of the ways with which each country is differentiated is through culture. It is always interesting to know every country’s tradition, how and why they follow it, and importantly the back story of every tradition or culture that is followed. We at Trivia Sharp provide culture quiz, Christmas traditions trivia, and culture trivia that shows you how distinct we all are.

List of Countries That Celebrate Boxing Day
Every year, Boxing day is celebrated the day after Christmas day. Read on to discover more interesting facts of Boxing day!
Who Are the Iconic Gift Bringing Santas around the World?
There are numerous unique Santa around the world, who bring gifts to the children. Read on to uncover the 7 ironic gift bringers.
Top 7 Astonishing International Christmas Traditions around the World
Ukrainians use artificial spider webs to decorate the Christmas tree. Uncover more weird international Christmas traditions here.
10 Interesting Christmas Eve Tradition Ideas for Your Family
Out of Christmas Eve ideas? Give a quick read at some of the most fun things you and your family can do this Christmas.
Top 9 Traditional Christmas Eve Meals around the World
To make your Xmas Eve dinner special, here are the top 9 traditional Christmas Eve meals. Check out the blog to know more about it.
What Are the Five Gift Rules for Christmas?
If you want to give the perfect Christmas gift for your loved one, you must follow these 5 gift rules for Christmas.
Surprising Superstitions about Numbers around the World
What do you think of calling 13 unlucky and 12 lucky? Read on to discover more facts about some of the superstitions about numbers
Where Are “Happy Hour” Signs Banned?
Did you know? Eight states have a ban on Happy Hour. Discover why banning Happy Hour is common across the United States.
Do You Know Why the Wedding Ring Is Worn on the Fourth Finger?
Curious to know why wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger? Read right now to learn why!
Best Halloween Dish from Every State
If you are searching for some great recipes to try this Halloween, you are at the right place. Make this day memorable with yummy & s
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