Culture Trivia Questions

One of the ways with which each country is differentiated is through culture. It is always interesting to know every country’s tradition, how and why they follow it, and importantly the back story of every tradition or culture that is followed. We at Trivia Sharp provide culture quiz, Christmas traditions trivia, and culture trivia that shows you how distinct we all are.

7 Best Countries That Celebrate Christmas the Most
If you are planning to celebrate Christmas in some of the special Christmas destinations, read now to discover more!
Top 9 Traditional Christmas Eve Meals around the World
To make your Xmas Eve dinner special, here are the top 9 traditional Christmas Eve meals. Check out the blog to know more about it.
What Are the Five Gift Rules for Christmas?
If you want to give the perfect Christmas gift for your loved one, you must follow these 5 gift rules for Christmas.
Can You Identify Hand Gestures and Their Meaning
Here are the ten questions based on cultural hand gestures. Let’s see if can you identify the hand gestures and their meaning.
Uncovering the Cultural and Spiritual Significance of Body Piercing
Humans use body piercing for various reasons, such as religion, spirituality, self-expression and aesthetic value
5 Scariest Tribes You Don’t Want to Meet
The Sentinelese remain an uncontacted tribe in the isolated island of Andaman. Check out the terrifying facts about scary tribes.
Women in Power
How well do you know these powerful women? Try our trivia at the end and test your knowledge.
How Well Do You Know Hispanic Culture?
Want to discover more about famous hispanic traditions? Play oru hispanic culture and traditions quiz to know more
Unbelievable Facts About Most Expensive Paintings Ever Sold
What is the best painting in the world? Take our quiz on ‘most expensive paintings ever sold’ to see where you stand.
Can You Pass This Bible Character Quiz and Answers?
How well do you know about the bible character trivia? Play our Bible character quiz and answers to see how well-versed you are.
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