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One of the ways with which each country is differentiated is through culture. It is always interesting to know every country’s tradition, how and why they follow it, and importantly the back story of every tradition or culture that is followed. We at Trivia Sharp provide culture quiz, Christmas traditions trivia, and culture trivia that shows you how distinct we all are.

Can You Pass This Bible Character Quiz and Answers?
How well do you know about the bible character trivia? Play our Bible character quiz and answers to see how well-versed you are.
The Most Unusual New Year’s Resolutions around the World
Have you ever made a weird New Year’s resolution? Here you can witness some of the crazy New Year’s resolutions.
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Have you ever wondered why we send Christmas cards to our loved ones? Explore the 7 fascinating reasons behind it
10 Interesting New Year Traditions in Countries Around the World
From breaking plates to burning scarecrows, we’ve clubbed 10 of the most interesting New Year traditions in this trivia.
6 Different Types of Ancient Gift Exchanged Between Countries
Exchanging gifts during ancient times was diplomatic. Read on to discover what are the different types of gifts used in ancient times
Discover Why Do the Polish Celebrate Christmas on 24th December
Read on to find out the history and secrets behind why do Polish celebrates Christmas on 24th December and not on 25th.
Was Santa Claus a Real Person?
Do you know where and when St. Nicholas was born? Check out the blog to know if Santa is real or not.
12 Christmas Symbols Meaning You Must Be Aware Of
You must know these 12 Christmas symbols and their meaning before you start your Christmas celebration. Read now!
Facts about the Fascinating History of Santa Claus
Is Santa Claus real? If yes, then what is the backstory of this concept? If no, why does this concept arrive? Read now!
Are Christmas Trees Pagan?
Are Christmas trees pagan? If you love decorating Christmas trees, read the blog to uncover the origin of Christmas tree pagan.
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