Disease Trivia Questions and Answers

From Black death to COVID-19, Poliomyelitis to Influenza, learn more about diseases and illness with our health trivia questions and answers. How much do you know about preventing disease? Take our virus quiz, bacteria quiz, and disease quiz to find out.

10 Most Common Infections That We Wish Never Existed
This list containing the top 10 most common infections in humans will surprise you. Read on and discover more!
Things You Must Know About Why an Apple a Day Keep the Doctor Away
Do you know why does an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Read on to recognize the prominent health facts about apples.
How Long Has Dentistry Been Around?
Did you know that the earliest dental filling was made up of beeswax? Read on to know more about dentistry.
10 Things You May Not Know about Typhoid Mary
Unknown facts about Typhoid Mary will strike you hard. Check out the blog to know more interesting facts.
What Does Quarantine Mean?
Strict isolation!!! Quarantine is to keep someone who might have been exposed to dangerous diseases. What does it mean?
Why Pilots and Flight Attendants Are More Prone to Cancer?
We thought skies are so friendly. Well, it is turn out to be risky for flight attendants and cabin crew members.
Social Media and Mental Illness
Can you believe me if I tell you that the social media and your mental health are tied? You will know how if you read this.
What Are the Weird Things Causing Insomnia?
Have you ever wondered how insomnia works and how insomniacs handle it? Discover this weird thing that causes Insomnia
What Is the Medical Term for Bad Breath?
Keep guessing the medical term. Bad breath is related to poor oral hygiene, signs of infection, or underlying medical condition.
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