Ancient History Trivia Questions and Answers

Each country carries its ancient history with pride. Ancient world history tells us about our country’s richness and prosperity. Wouldn’t it be amazing to know how your countries evolved through the years and their struggles? To learn more ancient facts follow Trivia Sharp. Here we offer ancient history quiz and ancient history trivia as a fun way of learning.

8 Surprising Historical Figures Who May Have Not Existed
Find everything about the mysterious origins of these 8 historical figures who have influenced your childhood now.
10 Mythological Similarities Between Ireland and India
Can you spot the mythological similarities between Ireland and India? Learn the parallels between Celtic and Vedic cultures.
The Norse Mythology: Do You Know These Norse Gods?
Can you name the Norse Gods? Take our interesting Norse mythology gods quiz to see where you stand.
The Famous Mythical Creatures in the World
Did you know? Stoker’s Count Dracula is the most famous vampire till now. Discover the most famous mythical creatures in the world.
12 Fascinating Facts about Greek Mythology
Did you know? Nike was named after a Greek goddess. Play our interesting facts about Greek mythology to know more facts.
6 Best Historical Places to Visit in the US
To identify the best historical places to visit in the US. You must go through our most historic cities in America blog. Read now.
10 Amazing Facts about Rome and the Romans
Know all about the Colosseum, Vatican City and much more. Read on to know all these amazing facts.
5 Animals That Have Been Taken to Animal Trials
Have you heard about animals that were put on animal trials for hurting humans? Read on to discover medieval animal trials.
Do You Know About the Most Famous Female Pirate in China?
The most famous female pirate Ching Shih was a Chinese prostitute who became an invincible pirate queen. Read now to learn more.
Did Our Early Ancestors Boil Their Food in Hot Springs?
Many scientists suggest that our ancestors might have boiled the freshly hunted animals in hot springs. Read now to learn more!
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