Ancient History Trivia Questions and Answers

Each country carries its ancient history with pride. Ancient world history tells us about our country’s richness and prosperity. Wouldn’t it be amazing to know how your countries evolved through the years and their struggles? To learn more ancient facts follow Trivia Sharp. Here we offer ancient history quiz and ancient history trivia as a fun way of learning.

The Famous Mythical Creatures in the World
Know the features of some terrific mythical creatures, such as Bigfoot, Hydra, Chimera, Centaur, Minotaur, Unicorn, and Phoenix.
History-7 Steps of Mummification
The mummification process involves seventy days and seven crucial procedures. Check out the blog to know more about mummies.
Why Was the Great Wall of China Built?
One of the seven wonders the Great Wall of China holds a great history to tell! Uncover the real story behind the construction!
The Invention and History of Fork
Addressing the fork history starting from ancient Rome, Egypt, and Greece and different types of forks you can use in daily life.
History of Glue
Are you aware of the origin of glue and the multiple uses of this adhesive? Know all about glue history and its applications.
4 Influential People Who Were Erased From History
Who were the neglected people in history? Explore to learn more about erased historical figures like emperors, leaders, etc.
First Circus: Short History, Origin, and Facts
Are you aware of who started the first circus? Check out this blog to get an idea about a brief history of circus, and facts.
Archaeologists Discover 2000 Mummified Ram Skulls at the Rameses II Temple in Abydos
The discovery of 2000 mummified ram skulls illustrate the accomplishments of the great pharaoh of ancient Egypt Ramses II.
Cleopatra- Beauty Queen or Political Genius?
Cleopatra, a beautiful political genius, has left her imprints in both to indicate where she belongs. Here are some interesting facts
Unknown Inventions of Ancient Civilizations
Every civilization has its very own unique inventions. To know more about the history of ancient civilizations, check out the blog.
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