Top Destination Trivia Questions

The top tourist destinations in the world help attract tourists & are considered one of the major revenue sources for a country/place. Famous places in the world help attract tourists and are one of the major revenues for the place. Before you visit famous places in the world/famous sites, it is always good to know the specialty of the place as it can make your experience even better. Follow Trivia Sharp for top destination quiz, famous places trivia, destination trivia, etc.

8 Weird Swimming Pools around the World
Did you know that there is a swimming pool called Devil’s pool at Victoria’s Falls in Africa? Know more here!
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7 Most Iconic Pieces of American Architecture
These outstanding American architectures deserve all the fame for standing stunningly by showing their structures!
Top 5 List of World’s Most Visited Tourist Attractions
Travelling is onething that you love the most , here is a list of top 5 tourist attractions to add in your bucket list.
What Are the World’s Best Shopping Cities?
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Top 5 Famous Beaches Where Bikinis Are Not Allowed
Bikinis banned in beaches. Know where bikinis are banned before planning your trip. It's better to be safe than sorry.
What’s Unusual about the Crabs in Fiji?
Fuji crabs are popularly delicious but do you know that there is something unusual about them?
Top Game of Thrones Filming Locations to Visit
If you are a die heart fan of Game of thrones, then you must know all these filming locations of GOT.
10 Interesting Facts about Sydney Opera House
The iconic Sydney Opera House is a famous symbol of Australia. Discover the spectacular facts that you may not aware of it.
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