Top Destination Trivia Questions

The top tourist destinations in the world help attract tourists & are considered one of the major revenue sources for a country/place. Famous places in the world help attract tourists and are one of the major revenues for the place. Before you visit famous places in the world/famous sites, it is always good to know the specialty of the place as it can make your experience even better. Follow Trivia Sharp for top destination quiz, famous places trivia, destination trivia, etc.

What’s Unusual about the Crabs in Fiji?
Fuji crabs are popularly delicious but do you know that there is something unusual about them?
Best Bird-Watching Spots in the World
Costa Rica, Kenya, India, Papua New Guinea, and Amazon forests are some of the best bird-watching destinations for birding adventures
How Did Island Become Biggest Travel Destination of 2023?
Unbeatable food, exploring ocean views, and watersports activities are the best thing you can explore on an island destination.
Favourite Party Destinations of 2023
From Las Vegas to Mykonos find out the list of the world's 5 hottest nightlife party destinations and nightclubs to unwind in 2023.
Ten Popular Bikini Destinations across the World
There are lots of beautiful travel destinations. This blog contains the top 10 bikini destinations. Read along to know more.
5 Most Luxurious Glamping Spots Around the World
What is the most unique glamping spot? Explore the blog to find out the luxurious glamping stays like Singita, Aman-I-Khas, etc.
Best Birding Spots in the World
Nearly 13,000 different bird species can be found in the Amazon Rainforest alone. Read along to learn more about bird destinations.
Top Snowshoeing Places For A Winter Vacation
There are fantastic snowshoeing trails to try this winter, each offering a unique winter experience. Read along to know more!
Top 5 Island Holiday Destinations Around the World
Choose the perfect holiday destinations. Here we’ve listed the popular island destinations that urge you to travel.
What Is the Main Tourist Attraction in Japan?
Planning to make a trip to Japan? Then find out what you should not miss in Japan through our tourist attractions in Japan guide.
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