Top Destination Trivia Questions

The top tourist destinations in the world help attract tourists & are considered one of the major revenue sources for a country/place. Famous places in the world help attract tourists and are one of the major revenues for the place. Before you visit famous places in the world/famous sites, it is always good to know the specialty of the place as it can make your experience even better. Follow Trivia Sharp for top destination quiz, famous places trivia, destination trivia, etc.

Classic Eight Old Fashioned Christmas Villages You Must Visit
If you need a perfect spot for this winter holiday, then consider visiting one of these old fashioned Christmas villages given here.
Extraordinary Black Sand Beaches Around the World
If you love visiting some unique and beautiful places, we have rounded up seven beautiful beaches with black sand in the world.
7 Magical Christmas Towns in the World
Do you want to know some magical towns? These best Christmas towns in the USA are covered with snow, lights and warning cafes.
The Top 6 Best Places to Go for Christmas
Are you looking for some best places to spend your Christmas? Play our quiz and discover the top 6 places to spend your Christmas
The Top 5 Haunted Hotels You Must Visit
Do you love visiting haunted places? Here is a list of top 5 hotels you must visit at least once in your lifetime
The Top 5 Golf Destinations in the US
Are you a golf lover? These are the 5 top places that you must visit during your vacation. Read now to learn more.
Know All about Capulin Volcano
Capulin volcano is one of the outstanding landmarks located in the northeast corner of New Mexico. Check it out!
8 Weird Swimming Pools around the World
Did you know that there is a swimming pool called Devil’s pool at Victoria’s Falls in Africa? Know more here!
Take a Beach Vacation If You Get at Least Half of the Questions Right
It is beach quiz time! Challenge yourself with our fun beach trivia questions to test your knowledge. Are you ready?
The 5 Best State Fairs in the US
State fairs are always fun. Read now to learn more about the history of state fair & how they are celebrated each year.
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