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Find what's happening now in your city, Hollywood, sports, TV shows, and all over the world with our current events trivia. Reading our current events quiz questions and what's happening now trivia will help you in gaining more knowledge and you can know the news happening around you. We also have a set of current events quizzes to help you understand the growing importance of recent activities happening around the world. Our current event quiz game helps you stay updated on matters of public importance. Explore interesting topics now.

7 Interesting Presidential Inauguration Facts
If you want to be well-versed about inauguration day traditions, you should read these interesting facts about inauguration day.
How Does the New UK Coronavirus Variant Differ from the Old One?
Is the new UK variant contagious than the old Coronavirus? Learn to know more about the mutated virus variant.
When Was President Inauguration Day Changed to January 20?
It is time to learn facts about presidential inauguration history before you witness the next president inaugurated on January 20.
COVID-19 Face Masks & Marine Plastic Pollution
Discover how face masks pollute the oceans. Also learn the impact of COVID-19 on marine plastic pollution.
12 Important United States Democratic Party Facts You Need to Know
Democratic party is the world's oldest active political party. Read on to know more
10 Facts You Need to Know About Joe Biden
While the US election votes are being counted, here is a collection of some of the interesting facts about Joe Biden.
How to Deal with Election Anxiety in 7 Easy Ways?
Are you someone who is dealing with election anxiety right now? Following these 7 simple steps will probably help you!
What Are Swing States and How Did They Become a Key Factor in US Elections?
The term swing states is also known as purple states. Check out the blog to know more about the most important swing state facts.
Can You Answer This Politician Quiz?
Are you familiar with the US politicians and their fashion habits? Take this quiz to test your knowledge!
Where Do Most Viruses Originate?
Research says that the novel Coronavirus has existed for nearly 40 years in various forms. Read to know how viruses evolve.
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