Current Events Trivia Questions and Answers

Find what's happening now in your city, Hollywood, sports, TV shows, and all over the world with our current events trivia. Reading our current events quiz questions and what's happening now trivia will help you in gaining more knowledge and you can know the news happening around you. We also have a set of current events quizzes to help you understand the growing importance of recent activities happening around the world. Our current event quiz game helps you stay updated on matters of public importance. Explore interesting topics now.

China Overtakes the US: How It Became the World’s Richest Nation?
China overtakes the US and becomes the richest nation in the world. Is it because of America’s rising debt? Find out now.
2021 MTV EMAs: The Complete Winners List
Curious about the MTV EMAs? Play this fun quiz to find out about this grand affair in a matter of minutes. Get the juice details now.
What Are COP26 2021 Highlights?
What is COP26? Get to know the COP26 highlights to find out how the world leaders are going to battle the effects of climate change.
What Is NFT? How Do You Invest Safely?
What is NFT? Why is everyone interested in it? Is it safe to invest in NFTs? Find everything about these digital assets now!
The UN Climate Report 2021 Highlights
Do you know about the interesting content of the UN Climate Report 2021? Play this quiz to know the highlights of the gap report!
The Wonderful Women Cabinet Ministers of Canada!
Curious about the cabinet ministers of Canada and Justin Trudeau’s ideology of a gender-balanced cabinet shuffle? Play to know!
Climate Change Around the World
How has climate change around the world impacted you? Find why carbon-neutral nations suffer regardless of their efforts.
Everything You Need to Know About Vaxathon – New Zealand 2021
Vaxathon New Zealand 2021:How much do you know about New Zealand and its attempts at record-setting ‘Vaxation’? Find out here.
Rachel Levine: Facts About First Transgender Four-Star Admiral
Here’s what you must learn about the first transgender four-star admiral to increase your knowledge.
Exciting News and Information About Flying Taxi
Flying cars can bloom in the market globally by 2024. Find everything about electric flying cars and why we need them in the future.
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