Wrestling Trivia Questions and Answers

Are you a pro wrestling fan? If you believe pro wrestling to be the purest form of live entertainment, welcome to Wrestling trivia. Here you will find breath-taking facts, wrestling trivia questions and answers, pro wrestling trivia games, the story of famous wrestlers, interesting matches that will make your cry, cringe, and laugh! Do you find it interesting to watch the death-defying stunts by your famous wrestlers? Let’s see if you are a pro wrestler fan! Take our wrestling quiz and try to answer our wrestling trivia questions now!

Tamyra Mensah- First Us Black Female Olympic Wrestler to Win Gold
Did you know? Tamyra Mensah was the US black female Olympic wrestler to win the gold. Discover more unknown facts about her here.
Best Knockouts in UFC History
From forceful jabs to phenomenal roundhouse kicks, UFC has given fans some extraordinary knockouts! Check out the best knockouts here
Can You Find This Greatest Wrestler of All Time?
Identifying the greatest wrestlers like Dwayne Johnson, Rick Fair, Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, John Cena, etc.
Can You Score 10/10 on This WWE Wrestler Quiz
For all the wrestling fans, we have put together some of the important facts about famous wrestlers. Take the WWE quiz now.
Interesting Bianca Belair Facts Every Fan Should Know
What is Bianca Belair’s royal rumble record? She became the first black woman to win the Royal Rumble. Read on to know more.
5 Intriguing Stephanie McMahon Backstage Stories to Know
Isn’t it always fun to explore wrestling backstage stories? Read on to find out 5 such interesting Stephanie McMahon stories
Stephen Amell’s New Wrestling Show Heels Has Cast a Major WWE Superstar
CM Punk is planning to step back into the ring to join Stephen Amell’s new wrestling show. Read the blog to know more.
Top 6 Star Wrestlers Who Never Won a World Title Despite Being Talented
Can you guess these not so lucky wrestlers who never won a world title. Check out this blog to know more about these wrestlers.
Facts About the WWE Legend “the Undertaker”
Get to know the 10 most surprising and real facts about the Undertaker in this wrestling trivia and quiz on Triviasharp.
Is Abraham Lincoln in the Wrestling Hall of Fame?
The legendary United States president was an impressive wrestler. Discover facts about the Abraham Lincoln Wrestling Hall of Fame.
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