War Trivia Questions and Answers

Here we bring you the most inspiring and interesting war trivia and stories about what made leaders successful or unsuccessful. Our military history trivia section is dedicated to talking about important US military history, historic wars like civil war, World War II, and other warfare which are considered the oldest histories. Take our war quiz to check your knowledge of war history. Are you ready to play our military history quiz to determine your warfare talents?

What was the Shortest War in History?
Explore more to know about unbelievable but true historical events about the Anglo-Zanzibar War, the shortest war in history.
100 Interesting American Civil War Facts
The American Civil War facts are highly fascinating. You will find that some truths about the people in this war are shocking.
Which Countries Have Never Been to War?
if you are eager to find countries that have never been in the war, read the blog now!
The 48-Star American Flag History
Do you know the history of the 48-star American flag? Take this interesting trivia to know about the American flag history
Who is Napalm Girl?
The Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph of the Vietnamese Napalm girl has an intense history. Read along to learn about the survivor.
Things You Don’t Know About the Vietnam War History
How well do you know about the Vietnam war history? Take this interesting trivia quiz to know about the Vietnam war facts.
Important Facts About the Boston Massacre That You Need to Know
Think you are well-versed about the Boston Massacre? Challenge yourself with our facts about the Boston Massacre quiz.
Unknown Facts about Atomic Bomb Effects on Japan
How well do you know about the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing? Discover more unknown facts about the atomic bomb’s effects on Japan h
Interesting Facts About Pearl Harbor That Leave You in Surprise
How much do you know about the surprise Japanese assault on Pearl harbor? Play our Pearl Harbor trivia to learn more.
Who Delivered Chocolates to Children During the Cold War?
During the Berlin Blockade, an American pilot dropped chocolates from his airplane to the kids on the runway. Discover why!
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