California Trivia

How much do you know about California? California is a state in the Pacific region of the United States. It is one of the best tourist attractions. It is packed with amusement parks, vibrant cities, and natural wonders. If you visit California you may explore national parks, beaches, forests, deserts, coastal areas, and beautiful islands. Discover fun and surprising facts about California State's history, sports, lifestyle, geography, tourist attractions, and more. Trivia Sharp offers the best quizzes that are centered on California. Get ready to play fun California trivia questions and answers to test how well you know the state.

California Sports Trivia

Football (soccer) is an all-time famous sport in this state. California people love basketball, Baseball, Hockey, and Ice hockey. Trivia Sharp provides facts and news about famous sports of California which is a treat to sport lovers. You can also try the California sports quiz, NFL trivia questions, hardest NBA quiz, and California sports trivia to see how good at sports knowledge. Our California sports quizzes talk about the National Football League, National Hockey League, Major League Baseball, NFL Teams, and more.

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California Geography Trivia

California has two world-famous cities such as Los Angeles and San Diego. Read California geography and learn some fascinating facts only at Trivia Sharp. California Geography trivia involves California landforms, borders, population, and more. Read and uncover information about California maps and a survey of its people, economy, and government and take a California geography quiz to strengthen your knowledge about the most famous state. California is famous for having the tallest and largest trees on earth and also for the largest alpine lake in North America. Popular places like Yosemite provide a once in a lifetime opportunity to take a tour. Want to put your California knowledge to test? Try fun California quiz questions now!

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California History Trivia

There are many surprising facts you may know about California and its history. Did you know, California’s name is taken from a bestselling novel? California was once declared as a country for one month. Do you want more such interesting US history trivia? We’ve got them all here. Explore the history of California including its economy, lifestyle, geography, Civil war, culture, government, state map and flag, famous cities, tourist attractions, nicknames, state motto, symbols, and more. Test your history knowledge with the California history quiz. We offer fun California history quizzes with answers and you take the same quiz multiple times until you are well versed in that topic.

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California Facts and Trivia

Surfing is a popular pastime in California. This state has many nicknames such as “the Land of Milk and Honey,” “the El Dorado State," "the Golden State," "the Sunshine State," "the Grape State," and "the Golden West." Take our fun California quiz questions to become a knowledgeable person. California is also famous for a town called Hollywood. Most producers choose their filming locations in California. Explore giant corporations such as Universal Studios in Studio City, and the Walt Disney Company in Burbank. California is home to popular studios such as NBC Studios, Dolby Theater, Comedy Central, CBS Studios, NBC, BET, MTV, and others.

Wondering how to communicate in California? Learn California slang with California slang quiz. Get ready to play the California counties quiz! Our California state trivia offers an easy learning experience. Check out the most entertaining tourist attractions trivia to update your knowledge. If you are looking for more trivia about California, browse Trivia Sharp to play the California trivia quiz with answers.

Your trip is incomplete if you haven’t visited marvellous places like the San Simeon State Park, Yosemite National Park, the Redwood National, and State Parks, Sequoia National Park, Disneyland, Hollywood, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Point Reyes National Seashore. Find out the world's greatest tourist attractions along with tourist attractions trivia. Play our adventure trivia games to become a genius. If you have any questions about California, leave your comment here.

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