Badminton Quiz Questions and Answers

The reason why people love playing Badminton is that it helps them balance their physical and mental health. This is perfect if you are looking for a game that helps you spend some quality time with your loved ones as it is easy to understand and play. Check your knowledge about your favorite sports by taking our Badminton quiz and Badminton trivia at Trivia Sharp.

Everything You Must Know About the World’s Largest Shuttlecock
Did you know? The giant shuttlecock in Kansas city is 48 times larger than a real shuttlecock. Read on to know more facts!
Some of the Hidden Rules in Badminton That You Should Know
Badminton has been played since the 16th century. Did you know the hidden rules of the game? Learn unknown rules of badminton.
Badminton and Other Olympic Sports the USA Has Never Won
This blog talks in detail about badminton and other Olympic sports never won by the USA. Read the blog to learn more about them.
Interesting Facts about Mathew Fogarty Will Blow Your Mind
Do you know who Mathew Fogarty is? If not, then get to know about this famous badminton player through our blog.
What Are the Types of Badminton Scoring Rules?
Do you know? In badminton, out of 3 games, you have to win in 2 games. Discover more about the badminton scoring system through our b
When Did Badminton Become an Olympic Sport?
Did you know it took until 1992 to make badminton an official sport? Read on to know more about Olympic badminton.
The 5 Fastest Smashes in Badminton Ever
Do you want to learn about the 5 fastest smashes in the history of badminton? Play our quiz right away!
How Big Is a Badminton Court?
Following considerable testing, pivoting, & analysis, Badminton courts are rectangular and are divided in half by a center net.
What Is the Old Name of Badminton?
The racquet sport badminton is very popular and holds two traditional names. Discover fun facts about badminton and its history!
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