Baseball Trivia Questions and Answers

Baseball is a unique team game that comprises many tricks and strategies that keep the audience engaged throughout the game and it is one of the main reasons why people love watching and playing baseball. Trivia Sharp helps you know more about world baseball quizzes, baseball trivia, baseball questions, etc

Interesting Facts to Know about Sports Equipment
Learn why Tennis balls are yellow, aluminum Baseball bats are forbidden. Check out interesting sports equipment facts.
Oldest MLB Stadiums in the United States
Opened for baseball in 1912, the seating capacity of this oldest MLB stadium is 37,731 and is home to the Red Sox.
5 Reasons to Love Basketball
Basketball is a popular sport since the classic to the modern period. It is time to reveal why we love to play basketball.
Strange Sports Terms That You Didn’t  Know
From Catch a Crab, Deke, Spoon, Bump & Run, Nutmeg, to Pepper, some expressions sound like they have nothing to do with sports.
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