Random Trivia Questions and Answers

From the funny to the tricky, treat your brain with these random trivia questions and answers. Try our fun trivia quiz with your family and friends. Our random trivia facts will give you answers to what’s, why’s, and how’s?

Why Does the Paper Have Margins?
Why does the paper have margins? You will be surprised to uncover the truth!
What Does the Color Code on Toothpaste Tell You?
How many of you are aware of the color code on toothpaste? Do you know what they represent? Discover them through our blog.
Carbon Cycle and Its Process
Do you know everything about the carbon cycle process? Play our quiz and know more facts about the carbon cycle process.
Do You Know Why Wet Hair Appears Darker Than the Normal Hair?
Have you wondered why your hair gets darker when it is wet than it is dry? Read on to explore more about it!
How and Why Are Sand Dunes Formed?
Did you know that sand dunes shift from their place to form other types of dunes? Learn more facts about sand dunes!
Do you know what these police codes mean?
Do you know the meaning of police codes? Discover the list of police codes and meanings. Play our police code quiz now!
The 6 Most Common Causes of Flooding
Do you know where floods occur and what causes a flood? Explore our blog to know about the deadliest 6 causes of flooding.
What Is the Deadliest Planet in the Solar System?
Find out why Venus is the deadliest planet in the solar system. Get to know how even spaceships can’t survive there!
What Is a Masterpiece?- All the Facts You Must Know
Have you ever wondered what makes a painting a masterpiece? Read this article to explore more facts about a masterpiece!
What Is Valentine’s Week and How Is It Celebrated?
It’s Valentine’s Week already and don’t you want to know more about it and different ways you can celebrate it. Read now!
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