Random Trivia Questions and Answers

From the funny to the tricky, treat your brain with these random trivia questions and answers. Try our fun trivia quiz with your family and friends. Our random trivia facts will give you answers to what’s, why’s, and how’s?

What Is Hot Car Death? Why Do They Happen and How to Prevent Them?
Almost 16 hot car death have been recorded in 2023 so far,increasing the number of deaths to more than 1000 in the last three decades
What Is Valentine’s Week and How Is It Celebrated?
Each day of Valentine’s week holds its own significance, offering opportunities to strengthen your relationship and promote its well-
Why Is It Called a Flea Market?
Learn more about the flea market history, the popularity of specific regions, other names, and common things bought in the market.
What Passport Colors Really Mean Around the World?
There are four major colors used for a passport worldwide. Explore why the countries chose particular colors for their passport.
Why Real Wasabi is Expensive?
Discover more about the real wasabi, its benefits such as supporting heart health, losing weight, and why it’s so expensive.
10 Must-Try Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas
Are you looking for some unique and fascinating ideas to decorate your Christmas tree? Read now to discover more Christmas ideas!
What Are Capsule Cover Made Of?
Place it on your tongue, take a drink & swallow! Simple isn't it? Have you ever wondered what a capsule cover is made of?
What Did People Use Before Toilet Paper?
Discover the fascinating history of toilet paper beginning from natural things like sticks, leaves, and modern technical methods.
What Killed the Dinosaur
Explore the blog to learn what object caused the dinosaur extinction & the 3 popular theories that marked the end of that creature.
Everything you need to know about Tonic water
Do you know tonic water was once used to treat malaria?Explore the blog to learn more about the brief history & usage of tonic water.
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