Random Trivia Questions and Answers

From the funny to the tricky, treat your brain with these random trivia questions and answers. Try our fun trivia quiz with your family and friends. Our random trivia facts will give you answers to what’s, why’s, and how’s?

The Real History behind Halloween Pumpkins
Carving pumpkins is a yearly Halloween tradition that came to the U.S from Irish immigrants. Read more facts about pumpkins here!
Which Colour Is Found on 75% of the World’s Flags?
Did you know that color red is found on 75% of the world’s flags? Get to know the other most common colors used in national flags.
Where Do Most Viruses Originate?
Research says that the novel Coronavirus has existed for nearly 40 years in various forms. Read to know how viruses evolve.
What Is Deja Vu and Why Do We Experience It?
That sudden feeling like you have already done this or you have already been there is called Deja vu. Check out the blog.
List of the Top 4 States That Allow Assisted Suicide
Assisted suicides are legalized in these states. Why and how? Read to know about the top 4 states that allow assisted suicide.
Why Do Pen Caps Have Holes?
If you can guess why pen caps have holes, then you are a genius. Read our interesting blog to uncover the fact!
What Are Capsules Made Of?
Place it on your tongue, take a drink & swallow! Simple isn't it? Have you ever wondered what a capsule cover is made of?
What Does It Mean to Receive Lei in Hawaii?
Lei is a decorative wreath of flowers or leaves! Read on to know some strange facts about Hawaiian Lei.
Unbelievable Popsicle History and Facts
You cannot believe these facts about popsicles. Read to learn more about popsicle history and its related facts.
Why Did Pirates Wear Eye Patches?
If you are thinking, pirates wore eye-patches to hide their missing eye or to cover the eye injury. Discover the real fact!
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