Holiday Trivia Questions and Answers

Christmas, New Year, or Independence Day, we all long for Holidays to celebrate as well as to take a break from our daily routine. But don’t you think learning about the importance of particular Holidays is necessary? Play our holiday trivia and holiday quiz to learn more about different holidays and observances around the world.

What Are the Traditional Easter Games?
Want to keep your friends and family entertained? Discover these fun and traditional Easter games.
Fascinating Easter Facts That You Should Know
Easter Bunny is first introduced in German. Read on to uncover more surprising Easter facts.
Famous Easter Parades From Around the World
The bonnets from the Victorian era has become an indispensable part of the Easter parade in New York. Take the quiz to know why.
7 Craziest Easter Tradition around the World
Not every easter egg is decorated colorfully. Get to know about the weird Easter traditions around the world through our blog.
Fascinating 7 Easter Candy Sales Statistics
Do you know How much does the average person spends on Easter? Read on to find out the surprising Easter candy sales statistics.
Eggs-Citing Facts about the World’s Largest Chocolate Easter Egg!
There is an extensive variety of Guinness world records set across. Here is a list of the world’s largest Easter egg records set.
All about History of Easter Eggs
Did you know? The world’s largest Easter egg hunt consists of 501,000 eggs! Read on to know the history of Easter eggs.
The 16 Most Interesting Facts about Easter Eggs You Must Know
Easter is almost here! Learn these interesting Easter egg facts and share your knowledge with your friends and family members.
Play Our Easter Candy Trivia!
Do you know why Easter chocolates symbolize eggs? Play our Easter candy trivia to find out and know more about Easter candies
Outrageous 5 History of April Fool’s Day Pranks
From middle age to the present, hoaxes are there throughout history. Get to know about the history of April Fool's Day pranks here.
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