Holiday Trivia Questions and Answers

Christmas, New Year, or Independence Day, we all long for Holidays to celebrate as well as to take a break from our daily routine. But don’t you think learning about the importance of particular Holidays is necessary? Play our holiday trivia and holiday quiz to learn more about different holidays and observances around the world.

Arlington Cemetery Flags 101
Do you know the interesting facts about Arlington Cemetery Flags? Explore the history behind this interesting trivia.
History and Facts Behind the Origin of Memorial Day
Did you know? Memorial Day was first observed on May 30. Read our origin of the Memorial Day blog to know why the date was changed.
The Purpose behind the National Moment of Remembrance Act
The National Moment of Remembrance is observed at the end of May every year. Discover why, when, and how they spend the day.
Who Started the Memorial Day Poppies Custom?
From the dirt to mud grew a beautiful red flower which has been recognized as Memorial Day poppies. Explore the poppy history here.
What Was the Original Name for Memorial Day?
Did you know that General John Logan designated Memorial Day? Find more facts about the original name of Memorial Day.
Memorial Day Traditions: How to Honor Memorial Day
During Memorial Day, American flags should be displayed at half-staff from dawn to noon. Find more about Memorial Day traditions.
How, When & Where Did Memorial Day Start?
If you are done with Easter and St. Patrick’s Day Trivia, then the Memorial Day trivia should be next on your list.
Do You Know the History of Memorial Day?
It is not just another holiday remembrance. Know about the complete history of Memorial Day with this interesting trivia.
What Are the Traditional Easter Games?
Want to keep your friends and family entertained? Discover these fun and traditional Easter games.
Fascinating Easter Facts That You Should Know
Easter Bunny is first introduced in German. Read on to uncover more surprising Easter facts.
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