Holiday Trivia Questions and Answers

Christmas, New Year, or Independence Day, we all long for Holidays to celebrate as well as to take a break from our daily routine. But don’t you think learning about the importance of particular Holidays is necessary? Play our holiday trivia and holiday quiz to learn more about different holidays and observances around the world.

National Aviation Day 2024: Evolution,  Celebration , NASA’s  Events
Read on to know everything about this National Aviation Day, NASA's role in the aviation industry, and airline career opportunities.
Snowball Fight : Origin, How to Play, Rules, Events
A snowball fight is a playful winter activity where participants throw snowballs at each other, often in teams, for fun and exercise.
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Do You Know These 10 Women's Suffrage Movement Leaders? Discover the history and success of these superwomen with TriviaSharp.
Who Has Bagged the Most Purple Heart Medals?
Albert Ireland earned nine Purple Hearts for his service in WW2. Learn more about WW2 Purple Heart recipients.
What Is Valentine’s Week and How Is It Celebrated?
Each day of Valentine’s week holds its own significance, offering opportunities to strengthen your relationship and promote its well-
6 Romantic Valentine’s Day Getaways You Must Visit Once
This list contains the top 6 romantic Valentine's Day destinations that every couple must visit at least once. Read now!
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On this Valentine’s Day where the loved ones express their affection with greetings, get to explore the story of St. Valentine.
5 Strange Valentine’s Day Traditions Around the World
From heart-shaped cakes to love spoons, there are many unique Valentine's Day traditions around the world. Read on to uncover them.
All About Valentine’s Day Candies & Candy Trivia Game
Discover the world’s famous Valentine’s Day candies. Don’t miss to play our Valentine’s Day fun-filled candy trivia game!
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