Minnesota Trivia

Minnesota is known for its polite residents, thousands of sparkling lakes, and cold winters. Think you know a thing or two about Minnesota? Test your knowledge by taking our Minnesota quiz. We have got interesting information and fun facts in our Minnesota trivia. Read on to check if you know these fun facts and interesting information about the Minnesota state.

Minnesota History Trivia

Minnesota history quiz provides history lovers with amazing questions and answers on stories about Minnesota’s economy, immigrants, natural resources, architecture, culture, war history in meaningful ways. These Minnesota history trivia questions will help you peek inside the history to learn some little-known facts of Minnesota state.

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How Well Do You Know the Christ Church Lutheran, Minnesota?
Sample question

How Tall Is the Bell Tower at Christ Church Lutheran?

90 feet

75 feet

88 feet

93 feet

Can You Pass This Fort Snelling Quiz?
Sample question

When Was Fort Snelling Cemetery Inaugurated?





Minnesota Geography Trivia

Minnesota state boasts deep lakes, streams, rocky ridges, thick forests, and the state has the most rugged landscape. Do you think your middle school geography class prepared you for our Minnesota geography quiz? How much do you know this midwestern U.S state that borders Canada and Lake Superior? In our Minnesota geography trivia, we share interesting Minnesota geography facts and information on culture landmarks, 10,000 lakes, borders, population, and more.

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Get Wild with Our Interesting Voyageurs National Park Trivia
Sample question

Voyageurs National Park Is Named after Voyageurs from_________ Country.



United States

None of the above

Can You Score 15/15 in This Superior National Forest Quiz?
Sample question

Which of the Following Activities Are Allowed in the Super National Forest?




All of the Above

Minnesota Sports Trivia

Are you aware of all five major professional leagues in the state of Minnesota? Our Minnesota sports trivia has amazing information on Major League Baseball, National Football League, National Baseball Association, National Hockey League, and Major League Soccer. You will also find a lot of questions and answers about the NFL team in our Minnesota Vikings trivia section. You can also take our exclusive NFL trivia game to kill the boredom and learn something new. We hope you enjoy our Minnesota twins trivia quizzes and games here. If you want to put your sports knowledge to test, take our Minnesota sports quiz now.

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Minnesota Facts and Trivia

Known for its twin cities Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Our Minnesota trivia questions have almost every information about the state. Play Minnesota trivia game and create some fun at your next party, event, or gathering. These Minnesota trivia quiz questions will determine how much you actually know about this amazing state. Whether you want to play Minnesota quiz, baseball trivia quizzes, or US state quizzes, we have got some weird facts for you to enjoy.

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