Tourists Atrractions Trivia

If you are a person who loves travelling and learning about the top tourist attractions in the world then Trivia Sharp can be your travel companion. Take up our tourism quiz, tourism attractions quiz, to check your knowledge about a place before your visit.

Dive in to Play Some California Beaches Quiz
Did you know that Pfeiffer Beach has purple sand? Play the quiz and know them all at TriviaSharp.
How Well Can You Answer This Disneyland Quiz?
Are you a great fan of Disneyland? Then play our Disneyland trivia and Disneyland quiz to learn more about Disneyland.
The Best Places to See Fall Foliage in the United States
Do you know some stunning sceneries in America? Get to know a few best places to see fall foliage in the United States.
How Much Do You Know Hawaii Islands? Take Our Quiz
Did you know? Hawaii is the only US state formed of islands. Play the quiz to know more fun geographical facts about Hawaii.
Can You Guess These Most Iconic Buildings in the World?
How well do you know these famous buildings from the last 100 years? Take this quiz on the 21st-century building.
Facts about Four Corners Monument
Four Corners Monument is a place that allows you to be in four states at the same time. Take the quiz to learn more.
Appalachian Mountains Facts
Appalachian mountains are the oldest chain of mountains. Read on to know some exciting facts about Appalachian mountains.
How Many National Historic Landmarks Are There in Washington DC?
Spend a minute to know some American history and culture. Read on to know some historical sites, museums and libraries.
10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in Disney World
Everybody in the world wish to visit the famous Disney World. Before you plan a trip, why don’t you check these untold secrets?
Top 5 List of World’s Most Visited Tourist Attractions
Travelling is onething that you love the most , here is a list of top 5 tourist attractions to add in your bucket list.
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