New Jersey Trivia

Want to know everything about New Jersey? Explore new jersey trivia to learn more about the state. New Jersey is a constituent state of America. It is bound by the Atlantic Ocean to the east and south, New York to the north, and Delaware and Pennsylvania to the west. The New Jersey quiz combines mind-blowing facts regarding its history, geography, sports. We also added several untold facts of New Jersey. If you want to learn these fun facts and interesting bits of information, visit Trivia Sharp to play New Jersey quizzes.

New Jersey History Trivia

Thousands of years later, some of the Native American tribes such as the Munsee, Lenape, and Unalachtigo lived on the site. The Italian explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano was the first European to arrive on the land around 1524. Our NJ trivia has  history facts about Swedish, Finnish, and Dutch colonists who settled in the region and you’ll also find stories about how England took control of the region in 1664. New Jersey history quiz talks about the American colonies ruled by British, Revolutionary War battles, Independence. take the New Jersey history trivia to test your brain. Discover facts about New Jersey that covers how George Washington defeated British forces in the River into Trenton, learn howNew Jersey became the third U.S. state, and signed the Bill of Right in 1787. If you are curious to find more information about the history of the city, visit Trivia Sharp and sign up to play New Jersey questions and answers.

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New Jersey Geography Trivia

Learn New Jersey geography facts and take the New Jersey trivia questions and answers to expand your knowledge. Did you know that New Jersey is about 70 miles wide and 150 miles long? It lies on the north-eastern edge of the North American continent. It is divided into 21 counties. Atlantic City is home to the longest boardwalk in the world. New Jersey has many rivers such as the Manasquan, Maurice, Mullica, Passaic, Rahway, Raritan, Musconetcong, and Delaware Rivers. We’ve put together New Jersey facts and trivia about New Jersey’s biggest city Newark, surprising facts about eastern goldfinch and play New Jersey countries quiz games to test your knowledge!

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New Jersey Sports Trivia

New Jersey is famous for major league hockey, soccer, and football. It is easy to learn interesting New Jersey sports news, latest sports updates at Trivia Sharp and test your sports knowledge with New Jersey sports quiz. We provide the most accurate news and facts about the National Hockey League, Major League Soccer team and National Football League teams, and more. If you love sports, then try New Jersey trivia questions that cover amazing facts about famous teams such as New Jersey Devils, Sky Blue FC, Metropolitan Riveters, New York Giants and the New York Jets, and more. If you want to strengthen your sports knowledge, take fun New Jersey sports trivia now.

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New Jersey Fun Facts

The main motto of New Jersey is “Liberty and Prosperity.” It is the fourth-smallest state by area but New Jersey is the eleventh most populous state. It holds many names such as “Garden State” and “Diner Capital of the World” because it has the most diners in the world. It is known for tomatoes, corn, and blueberries. It is home to Taylor Ham Pork Roll. If you are looking for fascinating facts about New Jersey, you should take the New Jersey trivia to increase your knowledge.

Trivia Sharp provides accurate facts about New Jersey and provides the fun war trivia and interesting city quiz questions with answers to expand your general knowledge. Want to find out how well-versed you are in American football? Take the ultimate NFL trivia quizzes too! If you are hungry for more knowledge about New Jersey or if you have any questions related to the state, you can mention them in the comments section. Trivia Sharp helps you to get fresh facts about New Jersey.

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