Country Trivia Questions and Answers

How well do you know popular countries around the world? Countries trivia questions and answers at Trivia Sharp gives you interesting views and facts on famous countries around you. Take our countries quiz and play popular country trivia games and country trivia questions and answers to know more about new places, countries, and continents before you plan your travel. Answer a range of interesting questions related to countries from all over the world. Are you ready?

8 Facts about the Largest Sand Island
Fraser sand Island is home for 325 bird species! Attend TriviaSharp quiz to know more about this Island.
Which State Was Once Called Deseret?
The name Deseret comes from the “Book of Mormon”! Read on to know some interesting facts behind the state of Deseret.
List of Countries with No Official Language
Did you know that the US does not have an official language? Read to learn more about countries with no official language.
7 Must-See Museums around the World
Nuts about our known and unknown heritage of humanity and our environment? Then this page is just for you.
Which Nation Produces Two Thirds of the World’s Vanilla?
We enjoy the vanilla flavor in chocolates and beverages. You will be amazed that Madagascar produces tons of vanilla in one year.
Which Country (And Its Territories) Has the Most Time Zones?
France is on the top with 12 time zones and knocked out countries like Russia and the United States !
Which Country Has the Most Volcanoes?
You will be amazed to know, Indonesia is home to the most active volcanoes on our planet. Here is know why!
Best Places to Visit before You Turn 30!
Start young and discover the wide world. There is so much to see and we have listed a few extraordinary places.
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