Washington DC Trivia

Are you up for some Washington DC Quiz? Washington DC, the nation’s capital is known for its monuments and museums and the White House. It is where the history and government you've heard about in school come alive. This American capital today has eclectic neighborhoods, an everchanging list of cultural events, and one of the most exciting food scenes in the world. Read DC trivia to know little-known stats, fun facts, and exciting experiences you didn't know about the nation’s capital. Washington DC facts and trivia are planned to provide a space for unknown facts and information.

Washington DC Monument Trivia

Known for its monuments and memorials, one can find statues in every corner around the city. From Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, World War II Memorial, Korean War Veterans Memorial, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Albert Einstein Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, to the Washington Monument and more, DC's monuments are spread out. The best way to test your knowledge on monuments in Washington DC is to take our Washington DC landmarks quiz. Read interesting Washington DC monument facts and stats that stand as a powerful reminder of US history.

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Washington DC History Trivia

You might have read in US history trivia that Washington DC was founded on July 19, 1790, and was established by the Constitution of the United States to serve as the nation's capital. Known as an extraordinary working federal city, an international hub, Washington DC is an inspiring destination with unmatched treasures of the country's history and artifacts. Washington DC trivia questions and answers throw various dimensions of this complex political city and lively local history. History of the Washington DC quiz is a fun way to test knowledge and create some conversations. These Washington DC history facts cover a wide range of topics.

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Can You Answer Our Military History of Washington DC Quiz?
Sample question

What Is the Name of the Us Military Headquarters in Washington DC?





How Did Washington DC Get Its Name?
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Which Fruit Is Washington Famous For?





Washington DC Geography Trivia

Our Washington DC geography facts will tell you some really surprising facts about DC. Play DC geography quiz on famous cities, weather, tourist attractions, national park, top destinations, and more. These DC geography trivia questions are guaranteed to test your DC knowledge. Have fun with these quiz games.

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Can You Play This United States National Arboretum Quiz?
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What Is the One Day of the Year When the United States National Arboretum Is Closed?

January 1

September 21

May 31

December 25

How Well Can You Answer This Georgetown Waterfront Park Quiz?
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What Is the Total Area of the Georgetown Waterfront Park?

14 Acres

10 Acres

12 Acres

8 Acres

Washington DC Sports Trivia

Home to several major sports venues like Capital One Arena, RFK Stadium, Audi Field, Nationals Park, FedEx Field, Washington Mystics, and more, Washington DC has the best sporting atmosphere that every sports fan would need. Did you know that DC United is the best soccer team in the country? Our DC sports trivia has more interesting facts. If you are in DC, we'll see you supporting some famous sports teams like Washington Redskins, Washington Terrapins, Maryland Terrapins, and Washington Capitals. If you want to have fun, earn extra points with our Washington DC sports quiz. These DC sports trivia questions are a great way to keep your family and friends entertained.

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Interesting Facts About Washington DC

The only president buried in DC is Woodrow Wilson. Abraham Lincoln would often commute to and from the White House on horseback when he stayed at the Soldiers' Home during summers. Woodrow Wilson brought a flock of sheep to graze on the White House during World War I. Washington DC is a home for the oldest functioning fish market, The Maine Avenue Fish Market. Did you know there are about 1,800 animals and 300 different species at the Smithsonian National Zoo? You can play the Washington DC trivia quiz to know more interesting facts.

Have you got any other interesting Washington DC trivia questions to share with us? Leave a comment on the nation's capital and share a great story with us. Play Culture Trivia quiz games and famous monuments trivia quizzes to learn new things every day.

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DC’s Shaw Neighborhood Facts Quiz- Know More about Washington D.C
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Pleasant Plains Are Largely Occupied by _______ University?





Everything You Need to Know about DC’s Downtown Holiday Market
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What Month Is Cherry Blossom in Washington D.C.?