Golf Trivia Questions and Answers

A day out on the golf course keeps you fit and engaged. It calms your mind and also sparks friendly competition with other players. Golf is a relaxing hobby and there's a lot more than scoring! We have created Golf trivia questions for those who love golf. Are you excited? You can now play golf trivia quiz online at Trivia Sharp. Breathe in the fresh air and play our golf quiz now.

13 Signs That Show You Are Obsessed with Golf
People who are addicted to golf are actually proud about it. Check out the blog to know about watching golf on TV too much.
The Top 5 Golf Destinations in the US
Are you a golf lover? These are the 5 top places that you must visit during your vacation. Read now to learn more.
Why Do Golf Courses Have 18 Holes?
Learn everything about the average time to play 18 holes of golf in this trivia. Also, get to know the history behind the game.
Which Golf Course Hosted the US Open in Both 1970 and 1991?
After the Hazeltine National Golf Club was rebuilt in 1978, it hosted golf championships including the US Open, and Ryder Cup.
Who Invented the Putt-Putt?
Don Clayton started the Putt-Putt brand with a motto of treating mini-golf seriously, to emphasize skill and player improvement.
Top 6 Best Golf Course in Arizona
Are you a golf lover? Read to discover facts about the top 6 best golf courses in Arizona
What State Has the Most Golf Courses?
Florida has the most golf courses in the United States. What are the top golf courses in Florida? Read more to know.
5 Things to Know about Tom Brady’s Golf Game
Tom Brady is a famous footballer and now he is the best golfer. What do you think is his secret?
How Many Dimples Are on a Golf Ball?
History of golf ball, origin of golf ball, dimples on golf ball – There are so many things to know about a golf ball.
List of Top Sports Events Cancelled throughout History
It is shocking to discover that some sports events got canceled in history! Check out the stories behind.
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