Species Trivia Questions

To learn about animals and other species is always thrilling. Extinct Species trivia gives mind-blowing information on snakes, dolphins, pitcher plant, giraffes, insects, invasive species, and other endangered species. These animal facts are sure to wow you in every way with its general knowledge questions and answers and species quiz. Read our endangered species trivia to read unknown facts on critically endangered birds and animals.

9 True Facts about Dung Beetle
Never thought that a dung beetle could have this much facts. Discover the blog and learn 9 true facts about dung beetle.
Do Animals Speak Regional Languages?
Know the truth behind animal’s regional languages. Take a look at this amazing blog if you are curious.
Why Dogs Are Banned in Antarctica?
Though dogs have played a key role in the history of Antarctica. Now It is forbidden for them to keep one.
Why Iceland Is Considered the No Mosquitoes Country?
Imagine a place that is free of mosquitoes! How peaceful would it be, but in Iceland it is the reality. Know more about it now.
What Is the Weakest Sense in a Bird?
Birds senses are specialized for their survival. You will be surprised when you find a bird's weakest sense!
How Do Giraffes Protect Themselves?
A giraffe can kill a lion with a single kick. Giraffes are silent yet they are deadly when it comes to survival.
What Are the Top 6 World’s Deadliest Snakes?
Deadliest snakes can kill a human in a single bite. Their highly poisonous bites can make a victim collapse swiftly.
How Does a Pitcher Plant Digest Insects?
Pitcher plant breaks down its food into pieces. Know how does pitcher plant digests the insects.
Is Bee an Insect or Bug?
Learn the mind-blowing fact! You must clarify the confusion that a honey bee is a bug or an insect.
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