Species Trivia Questions

To learn about animals and other species is always thrilling. Extinct Species trivia gives mind-blowing information on snakes, dolphins, pitcher plant, giraffes, insects, invasive species, and other endangered species. These animal facts are sure to wow you in every way with its general knowledge questions and answers and species quiz. Read our endangered species trivia to read unknown facts on critically endangered birds and animals.

Can You Identify These Poisonous Plants?
Not every plant is kind and beneficial for humans. It is time to play our quiz and identify these poisonous plants from an image.
What Is Bee Venom Therapy?
Are bee stings good for you? Surprisingly, yes! Read to find the health benefits of bee stings and the type of bee therapies.
What Makes an American Green Frog Green?
American green tree frogs use their green shade as an effective camouflage to fight predators. Read the blog to learn more.
5 Fascinating Facts about Woolly Mammoths
Woolly mammoths went extinct around 10,000 years ago. Learn more about woolly mammoths at Trivia Sharp now.
5 Interesting Facts about Salamanders
Salamanders lay 450 eggs at a time! Did you know that? Check out the blog to know more about Salamander reptiles.
15 Cool and Interesting Things about Brown Pelicans
Brown pelican is the only bird to dive into the water from 30 ft/ 9 m. Read our blog to uncover mind-blowing facts about pelicans.
Why Are There No Snakes in Hawaii?
It is surprising to discover that there are no native snakes in Hawaii. Read our blog to uncover the truth.
When Did the California Grizzly Bear Go Extinct?
Lots of animals, birds got extinct and one of them is California grizzly bears! Discover some facts on grizzly bears extinction.
What Is Special about Pufferfish?
Poisonous puffer has a tetrodotoxin substance that kills humans and other animals. Explore fascinating facts about pufferfish now.
9 True Facts about Dung Beetle
Never thought that a dung beetle could have this much facts. Discover the blog and learn 9 true facts about dung beetle.
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