Species Trivia Questions

To learn about animals and other species is always thrilling. Extinct Species trivia gives mind-blowing information on snakes, dolphins, pitcher plant, giraffes, insects, invasive species, and other endangered species. These animal facts are sure to wow you in every way with its general knowledge questions and answers and species quiz. Read our endangered species trivia to read unknown facts on critically endangered birds and animals.

Fossil Pigments Reveal the Colour of Dinosaurs
What was the actual color of dinosaurs? What are the recent paleontological findings on colored eggs of dinosaurs?
What Are Carnivorous Plants?
What are carnivorous plants? Can you tame them into house plants? Are they capable of eating you? Find out now.
Weird Mushroom Facts You Cannot Unsee
Here are weird mushroom facts and how mother nature came up with these unrealistically real imaginations
The 5 Surprising Animals That Came Back from Extinction
These 5 animals were first thought to be extinct, but they actually gave a comeback. Read on to explore more interesting facts!
Have Cockroaches Survived A Million Years?
Cockroaches age back to over hundreds of million years spread across the world, surviving extreme conditions.
Meet This New Species Salazar Slytherin Snake
This newly discovered snake named after Salazar Slytherin in the Harry Potter series. Read on to know more.
10 Interesting Facts about Boa Constrictors
Did you know that boa constrictors are non-poisonous snakes? Learn interesting facts about boa constrictor snakes right here!
The Top 5 Monogamous Animals in the Animal Kingdom
Monogamous animals stay together and love each other until they die. Do you want to find out more? Read now & discover!
Top 7 Newly Discovered Species 2020
Discover the newly discovered species 2020. Play our fun and engaging quiz to know more interesting facts about new species.
Can Alligators Regrow Their Tails?
Can alligators regrow their tails? New scientific studies reveal that they can. Learn about the other species that can regenerate.
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