Discoveries Trivia Questions

Do you know the greatest scientific discoveries of all time? It's amazingly true that life is changing and discoveries and inventions make it more interesting. From electricity, penicillin, RNA sequencing, painkillers to anesthesia, there are a lot of life-changing scientific discoveries and researches happening every day. Here at Trivia Sharp, you can look at some discoveries that have changed the world. Read our discoveries trivia questions and answers to know some awe-inspiring discoveries. Take our discoveries quiz now!

Ten Fascinating Early Versions of Inventions We Still Use Today
Let’s look at ten fascinating ancient prototypes of today’s inventions, such as the alarm clock, X-rays, mints, and abacus.
4 Craziest Discoveries Made by Ordinary People
Are you aware of ordinary individuals' craziest discoveries? Explore the blog to know more incredible findings by average citizens.
Everything You Need To Know About Stars
There are around 400 billion estimated stars in the milky way galaxy. Read along to know in detail about the age of stars.
Scientist entrepreneurs
Few scientists have become billionaires as a result of their inventions. Let’s look at some fascinating facts about them.
A Brief History of Mason Canning Jars
Did you know? The inventor of mason jars didn’t see any profit. Discover the history of mason canning jars.
What Are the Actual Causes of Lightning in the Sky?
Did you know? Mostly lightning happens within the clouds. Check out the actual cause of lightning in the sky.
6 Technical Gadgets That Changed the World
If you are a tech freak, then our “Guess the most influential technical gadgets of all time?” quiz is absolutely for you. Play now.
How Well Do You Know About the History of the Seat Belts?
Nils Bohlin was the first automaker to offer seat belts in Volvo. Enhance your knowledge through our history of seat belts blog.
Interesting CRISPR Facts That Everyone Should Know
CRISPR is an easier, faster, and cheaper technique of editing DNA. You will be surprised to learn these CRISPR facts.
Zeptoseconds- The Smallest Measurement of Time Ever Recorded
Did you know? The smallest measurement of time is 0.000 000 000 000 000 000 001. Read to know how it was discovered and measured.
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