Discoveries Trivia Questions

Do you know the greatest scientific discoveries of all time? It's amazingly true that life is changing and discoveries and inventions make it more interesting. From electricity, penicillin, RNA sequencing, painkillers to anesthesia, there are a lot of life-changing scientific discoveries and researches happening every day. Here at Trivia Sharp, you can look at some discoveries that have changed the world. Read our discoveries trivia questions and answers to know some awe-inspiring discoveries. Take our discoveries quiz now!

Science Pairs United by Love and Devoted to Science
A tale of scientist lovers can be the most romantic story you might have ever heard. Witness them yourself by checking out this blog.
Who Is the Father of Hand Hygiene?
Let me confuse you here, who is the father of hand hygiene? Read and and you will be surprised.
Who Performed the First Human Heart Transplant in 1967?
If you are interested in history, medicine and in human anatomy- you are at the right place at the right time.
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