Discoveries Trivia Questions

Do you know the greatest scientific discoveries of all time? It's amazingly true that life is changing and discoveries and inventions make it more interesting. From electricity, penicillin, RNA sequencing, painkillers to anesthesia, there are a lot of life-changing scientific discoveries and researches happening every day. Here at Trivia Sharp, you can look at some discoveries that have changed the world. Read our discoveries trivia questions and answers to know some awe-inspiring discoveries. Take our discoveries quiz now!

How Does an Iron Lung Work?
Explore how an iron lung works and how it is updated each year with new technology. Read the blog to know more about iron lung.
Zeptoseconds- The Smallest Measurement of Time Ever Recorded
Did you know? The smallest measurement of time is 0.000 000 000 000 000 000 001. Read to know how it was discovered and measured.
How Deep is the Mariana Trench?
How deep is the Mariana Trench? Know why it is called so, its depth, its secrets, and the organisms thriving in the trench.
Science Pairs United by Love and Devoted to Science
A tale of scientist lovers can be the most romantic story you might have ever heard. Witness them yourself by checking out this blog.
Which Planet Rotates Clockwise
Celestial objects and their rotation are unique as subjects. Explore to know more about which planet spins clockwise and why is so.
Unbelievable Facts about the Star Sand Beach
Star-shaped sand secrets in Okinawa and other beaches in Japan are many. Get to know some of these secrets and fun-filled facts.
What Are the Actual Causes of Lightning in the Sky?
Did you know? Mostly lightning happens within the clouds. Check out the actual cause of lightning in the sky.
Ten Fascinating Early Versions of Inventions We Still Use Today
Let’s look at ten fascinating ancient prototypes of today’s inventions, such as the alarm clock, X-rays, mints, and abacus.
4 Craziest Discoveries Made by Ordinary People
Are you aware of ordinary individuals' craziest discoveries? Explore the blog to know more incredible findings by average citizens.
Everything You Need To Know About Stars
There are around 400 billion estimated stars in the milky way galaxy. Read along to know in detail about the age of stars.
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