St. Patrick's Day Trivia Questions and Answers

Are you looking to upgrade your knowledge about St. Patrick's Day? You are at the right place! It is a fun and entertaining way to improve your understanding of St. Patrick's Day significantly. These St. Patrick's Day quizzes might be a fantastic stress-buster in-between your daily routine. Play these St. Patrick's Day trivia now and enjoy!

St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun History and Facts
Do you know why leprechauns are associated with St. Patrick’s day? Read on to know more about St. Patrick’s Day leprechaun history!
Top 5 Things Not to Do on St Patrick’s Day in Ireland
Do you know what the rules of St. Patrick’s Day are? Explore now to know about the things not to do on St. Patrick's Day in Ireland
Saint Patrick’s Day Parade Facts and  Information
Saint Patrick’s Day parade was celebrated earlier by catholic immigrants to show their strength. Read on to uncover more facts!
Shamrock Facts:10 Interesting Things About Shamrocks
You may know shamrocks are bright green, heart-shaped leaves. Here are some fantastic Shamrocks facts that will blow your mind!
Most Exquisite & Traditional St. Patrick’s Day Foods to Try
Like other festivals, St. Patrick’s Day also has traditional cuisine. Read on to find the traditional St Patrick’s Day foods.
St Patrick’s Day around the World
St Patrick’s Day is not only popular among Irish people but around the world. Find more about St Patrick’s Day celebration.
Myths and Facts About Legend of St. Patrick and Snakes
Did you know why Ireland has no snakes? Discover how the legend of St. Patrick drove snakes and know its myth and facts
Why Do People Wear Green on St Patrick’s Day?
Why do people wear green on St Patrick’s Day? Read on to discover more information on St. Patrick's Day colors.
Saint Patrick Facts You Must Know before St. Patrick’s Day
St. Patrick’s Day is almost here. Do you want to learn facts on St. Patrick? We have got you covered! Take the quiz now.
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