Natural Disaster Trivia Questions and Answers

How prepared are you for a natural disaster? Check out our Trivia Sharp website with the history of world disasters and natural disaster quiz questions and answers. It is always interesting to know about a disaster and how people overcome calamities.

Most Amazing Facts about KīLauea Volcano
Explore the most amazing facts about the Kilauea volcano, its continuous eruption, other attractions, and how the volcano formed.
What Killed the Dinosaurs
Explore the blog to learn what object caused the dinosaur extinction & the 3 popular theories that marked the end of that creature.
Things You May Not Know About Typhoid Mary
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5 Deadliest Flash Floods in the United States
The Texas Flood, Arkansas Flood, Nashville Flood, and Big Thompson Canyon Flood are some of the deadliest flash floods in the USA.
Fascinating Facts about Sinkholes around the World
Here are fascinating sinkhole facts from various countries. Learn about the Golly Hole in the US and Xiaoxhai Tiankeng in China.
The Chernobyl Disaster: How Did the Tragedy Unfold?
History recorded the worst nuclear disaster in the world in 1986. Find more about Chernobyl's tragic story!
How Are Hurricanes Named? Find Hurricane Naming System
How much do you know about the Hurricane naming system? Participate in our interesting Hurricane name system quiz now.
The Largest Flood in the History
Did you know? The Mississippi River Flood of 1927 caused a $1billion loss. Read on to know more about the largest flood in history.
What Causes Floods? Will You Be Able to Forecast One?
What causes floods? Can laymen forecast a flood crisis? Find out 5 surprising facts about floods in the U.S. with a trivia quiz.
Top 5 Worst Pandemic Outbreak in the History
How much do you know about the most brutal killers in human history? Take our quiz on ‘list of pandemics in history.’
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