Space Trivia Questions and Answers

Space trivia can help you know about Space science. By studying about planet quizzes and by attending astronomy quiz, you will know some unimaginable information about our universe. On your free time, attend Trivia Sharp astronomy quiz and work on your skill sets.

Who Was the First American in Space? Find out His Space Journey
How much do you know about the first man in space in the USA? Take our engaging quiz to expand your knowledge.
Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin Spacecraft
Do you know when Blue Origin was founded and who founded it? Get an answer to all these questions through our engaging quiz.
All You Need to Know About the Virgin Galactic Spaceship
Did you know? Stephen Hawking was the only person offered a free trip in Virgin Galactic. Discover more facts about Virgin Galactic
22 Unbelievable Facts About STRATOLAUNCH Plane
Do you know the secretive owner and the plans of the STRATOLAUNCH plane? Play this quiz to unravel the unbelievable facts.
Second Indian Woman In Space From America
Do you know Sirisha Bandla the second Indian woman in space from America? Here are 10 surprising facts about her for you.
Interesting Facts about SpaceX and Elon Musk
Did you know? Some of the scenes from Iron Man 2 were shot in the SpaceX factory. Discover more interesting facts about SpaceX.
Get to Know More about the Biggest Passenger Airplane in the World
Did you know? It took 4 million individual components to build an Airbus A380, the biggest passenger airplane in the world.
Get to Know Interesting Facts about the Wright Brothers
The Wright brothers do not own the status of the inventor of airplanes. Read our “interesting facts about the Wright brothers” blog to know why.
Fascinating Facts about the Wright Brothers First Flight
Do you know who captured the photo of the Wright brothers’ first flight? Read our blog to know about the Wright brother's first fligh
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