Space Trivia Questions and Answers

Space trivia can help you know about Space science. By studying about planet quizzes and by attending astronomy quiz, you will know some unimaginable information about our universe. On your free time, attend Trivia Sharp astronomy quiz and work on your skill sets.

13 Fascinating Facts about the International Space Station
Did you know? The ISS travels a whopping 5 miles-per-second! Uncover more fascinating facts about the international space station.
Which Disease Has Been Completely Eradicated from the World?
Did you know that smallpox is the first ever disease to be eradicated from the world. Check out the blog to know more.
7 Unusual Rituals Astronauts Perform Before Takeoff
Astronaut’s general pre-launch rules are surprisingly interesting. Discover religious pre-launch rituals performed by astronauts.
What Happens If a Person Goes into a Black Hole?
Light can’t enter a black hole, what do you think it does to a human body? Let’s check out some interesting facts here.
Why Is the Centre of the Earth Hot
The solar system went through a violent start while creation. The earth’s center part is still hot because the heat still exists.
Must-Know Space Exploration Facts
What do you think astronauts do in space? These space exploration facts give you a clear view on that question.
What Is a Star Nursery?
You will be amazed to learn about a start nursery and its formation. Discover the surprising facts!
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