Space Trivia Questions and Answers

Space trivia can help you know about Space science. By studying about planet quizzes and by attending astronomy quiz, you will know some unimaginable information about our universe. On your free time, attend Trivia Sharp astronomy quiz and work on your skill sets.

Get to Know Interesting Facts about the Wright Brothers
The Wright brothers do not own the status of the inventor of airplanes. Read our “interesting facts about the Wright brothers” blog to know why.
Second Indian Woman In Space From America
Do you know Sirisha Bandla the second Indian woman in space from America? Here are 10 surprising facts about her for you.
22 Unbelievable Facts About STRATOLAUNCH Plane
Do you know the secretive owner and the plans of the STRATOLAUNCH plane? Play this quiz to unravel the unbelievable facts.
Which Planet Rotates Clockwise
Celestial objects and their rotation are unique as subjects. Explore to know more about which planet spins clockwise and why is so.
What Is the Average Color of the Universe?
Scientists have been working for years to arrive at the average color of the universe. It is neither fully black nor white.
5 Space Tourism Companies that Are Making Space Vacations a Reality
Explore space tourism companies to plan your next space travel to get a fun and adventurous experience compared to a normal trip.
Everything You Need To Know About Stars
There are around 400 billion estimated stars in the milky way galaxy. Read along to know in detail about the age of stars.
The Weirdest UFO Facts That You Should Know
Crescent-shaped, Cigar-shaped, Triangle-shaped UFOs, and more. Explore to know more about some weird and fascinating UFO facts.
Everything You Must Know about the World’s First 3D Printed Rocket
Despite the anomaly in Terran 1, the enthralling mission demonstrates Relativity’s great achievement in 3D-printed rocket technology.
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