Space Trivia Questions and Answers

Space trivia can help you know about Space science. By studying about planet quizzes and by attending astronomy quiz, you will know some unimaginable information about our universe. On your free time, attend Trivia Sharp astronomy quiz and work on your skill sets.

5 Successful Missions over Mars till Date
Are you a great space person? If you want to learn more about space & its missions over mars then get into our blog now.
How Much Dark Matter Is in the Milky Way?
Do you know the percentage of dark matter in a milky way? Read on to the percentage of dark matter in the universe.
What Is the Deadliest Planet in the Solar System?
Find out why Venus is the deadliest planet in the solar system. Get to know how even spaceships can’t survive there!
What Is Space Weather? Everything You Need to Know
Do you know what space weather is? Play our quiz to find out everything about space weather and its impact!
Why Does Solar Eclipse Appear? the Secret behind It
Did you know? A solar eclipse occurs every 18 months. Read the blog to find what solar eclipse means.
An Ultimately Large Telescope Can Reveal the Very First Stars?
A telescope that can reveal the first stars? Read on to discover more about the study conducted by a team of astronomers!
20 Years of Human Life on International Space Station
As the International Space Station celebrates 20 years of human life on orbit, let’s take a closer look at its achievements.
Is There Life on Saturn’s Moons?
NASA has discovered that life on Saturn’s moons could be a reality. Study more about this mission in our science trivia.
Is NASA Buying Moon Rocks?
NASA shows interest in utilizing resources from the moon. Uncover more information on why NASA is buying moon rocks.
13 Fascinating Facts about the International Space Station
Did you know? The ISS travels a whopping 5 miles-per-second! Uncover more fascinating facts about the international space station.
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