Animal Trivia Questions and Answers

How much do you know about wildlife? Get ready to play the most interesting animal trivia online! We provide important information about animals, fun facts, life activities, behavior, diet, survival, and more. Expand your animal knowledge with our fun animal trivia. You can also learn about different kinds of animals around the world.

Surprising Facts About Sea Sponges That You May Not Know
Sea sponges, among the simplest of animals, are believed to be one of the earliest forms of animal life on Earth.
Komodo Dragon & Its Features
Komodo dragons are dangerous as they can kill an adult with their venom. They are carnivorous and can eat anything, even a human.
World’s Most Dangerous Animals
Explore the list of creatures that are risky to human lives. Mosquitoes, Jellyfish, honey bees, polar bears,s and more.
10 Diseases Caused by Animals Near You
You may have your pets vaccinated but what about those tiny critters in your locality. Get to know how dangerous they are now.
Meet the World’s Smallest Cat Breed
Celebrate the world's smallest cat for its tiny size and irresistible appeal. Explore more about the cat’s facts and figures.
Polar Bear vs Grizzly Bear: know their Size, Weight and Behaviour
Polar bears are carnivores, however, grizzly bears are omnivores. Look at the other variance between Polar Bear vs. Grizzly Bear.
6 Animals That Are Smarter Than You
Did you know that Sperm whale has the largest brain of all? Check out the blog to know more animals that are smarter than humans.
How Do Giraffes Protect Themselves?
A giraffe can kill a lion with a single kick. Giraffes are silent yet they are deadly when it comes to survival.
What Is the Weakest Sense in a Bird?
Birds senses are specialized for their survival. You will be surprised when you find a bird's weakest sense!
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