Animal Trivia Questions and Answers

How much do you know about wildlife? Get ready to play the most interesting animal trivia online! We provide important information about animals, fun facts, life activities, behavior, diet, survival, and more. Expand your animal knowledge with our fun animal trivia. You can also learn about different kinds of animals around the world.

Fascinating Facts about the Golden Poison Dart Frog
Are you ready to learn about the most toxic frogs on Earth? Participate in our latest quiz on golden poison dart frog
Interesting Facts about Animals That Don’t Make Noise
Did you know? Giraffes do not roar. Let’s learn about animals that don't make any sound.
10 Diseases Caused by Animals Near You
You may have your pets vaccinated but what about those tiny critters in your locality. Get to know how dangerous they are now.
Get to Know Which Vitamin Is Absent in an Egg
Did you know? Eggs have 12 out of 13 vitamins. Play our quiz to discover which vitamin is absent in the egg.
Famous Animal Actors 101
Do you like to watch animal movies? If yes, you would definitely win this quiz on the most famous animal actors in Hollywood
Can You Score 10/10 in Our “Identify the Cat Breed” Quiz?
How much do you know about cat varieties? Play identify the cat breed quiz now to see where you stand.
What Happens to Male Bees When They Mate?
What Happens to Male Bees When They Mate? Play this quiz to know how bees mate and why a bee’s testicles explode after mating.
What Is the Tallest Breed of Dog in the World?
Great Dane is known for its gentleness and giant size. Find more amazing facts about the tallest dog breed here.
Do You Know A Cow’s Lifetime Milk Production Capacity?
The chances of getting killed by a cow is higher than a road accident? Get to know a cow’s lifetime milk production capacity now!
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