Ocean Trivia Questions and Answers

Can you imagine, just like life on land there is another life in water. They are not the same and there are many differences between life on land and water. Are you someone who is interested in learning and discovering facts about aquatic life? Then play our ocean trivia and ocean quiz right away. We also offer marine life trivia and marine biology trivia to provide an in-depth understanding of aquatic life.

Are Blue Whales A Living Oxymoron?
How does the world’s largest mammal, which prefers a life of solitude, make friends through moans and groans? Read more to know
Surprising Facts about Pearls That You May Not Know
The most-loved gem comes from a living creature. Uncover more exciting facts about pearls and surprise your friends.
Study Finds That Dolphins Enjoy Watching Television
Do you know? Dolphins are not only more talented than humans they also enjoy watching television. Learn more exciting facts here.
Fascinating Facts on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Did you know that the Great Pacific Garbage Patch has increased ten folds in the last 75 years. Find out some shocking facts now.
Do Fish Get Thirsty? Do They Drink Sea Water?
Wondering if fish ever get thirsty or how they drink water? Check out the science behind this most asked question.
12 Amusing Blue Dragon Sea Slug Facts You Must Know
Do you know what blue dragons are? Play our quiz to discover many interesting facts about blue dragons sea slugs right away!
COVID-19 Face Masks & Marine Plastic Pollution
Discover how face masks pollute the oceans. Also learn the impact of COVID-19 on marine plastic pollution.
6 Incredible Sea Creatures With Superpowers
Do you know? camouflage is one of the ocean animal’s superpowers. Learn about the coolest sea creatures with superpowers here.
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