US History Trivia Questions and Answers

With our inspiring and useful American history trivia questions and answers, we help you take a closer look at why American history is important and explore dates attached to events, learn about people long dead, and understand the story of our country. All our US history quiz listed here helps you get a detailed picture of how society and technology evolved from the past until now. We have gathered some of the best information so, our US history trivia has interesting information and facts. Do explore our American history quiz to learn and put your knowledge to test.

What Made Sliced Bread to Be Banned During WWII?
“The greatest thing since sliced bread” is one of the famous idioms. Explore why this sliced bread banned during WWII and its history
12 Important United States Democratic Party Facts You Need to Know
Democratic party is the world's oldest active political party. Read on to know more
The Mann Act: How a Law Meant to Help Women Was Misused
Mann act is also used to prosecute men who had sexual relations with minor girls. Read on to know more.
Interesting Veterans Day Facts You Must Know
Do you know why we observe Veterans Day? Our history trivia explains in detail the importance of this federal holiday.
Facts about the President Zachary Taylor Death
Did you know about President Zachary Taylor who died of eating cherries? Read now to learn more facts about his death
Where Did the World’s First Atomic Bomb Explode?
The United States dropped its first atomic bomb On August 6, 1945. Discover more information about the First nuclear bomb test.
Discover the 11 Epic Facts About the Army of the United States
Uncover the interesting Army facts that you may not know about the US Army. Put your US Army knowledge to test & share your score.
Why Is the Saratoga Battle Called the Turning Point in American Revolution?
Do you know the battle of Saratoga is considered the turning point of the revolutionary war? Read on to discover more facts.
Can You Play This Harry Potter Character Quiz?
Are you a great fan of the film series, Harry Potter? Play this quiz along with your friends and check your knowledge
Why Did the US Buy Alaska from Russia?
The United States purchased Alaska for $7.2 million. Discover more intriguing facts about the purchase of Alaska!
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