US History Trivia Questions and Answers

With our inspiring and useful American history trivia questions and answers, we help you take a closer look at why American history is important and explore dates attached to events, learn about people long dead, and understand the story of our country. All our US history quiz listed here helps you get a detailed picture of how society and technology evolved from the past until now. We have gathered some of the best information so, our US history trivia has interesting information and facts. Do explore our American history quiz to learn and put your knowledge to test.

What is a Hoosier?
Discover the origin and definition of the term Hoosier and learn more popular theories about the term.
100 Interesting American Civil War Facts
The American Civil War facts are highly fascinating. You will find that some truths about the people in this war are shocking.
What Really Happened at Pearl Harbor?
What motives did Japan have in attacking the US naval base at Pearl Harbor? Learn more about the tragic attack.
Interesting History of the United States Postal Service
Are you aware of the origin of postal services? Explore the blog to know about the United States postal service history.
Postage stamp: Brief History and the honored personalities
Explore to know more about notable American figures, like Marilyn Monroe and Benjamin Franklin who were honored on postage stamps.
How Many US Presidents Have Faced Impeachment?
Have you heard about impeached US Presidents? Check out the blog to know more about American Presidents Who Faced Impeachment.
Why is Susan B Anthony important?
Susan B Anthony was a pioneer in the U.S. women’s history movement. Read on to know more about her life.
Interesting Facts About US Secret Service
What’s so secret about the Secret Service? Play our quiz to unlock the Most Interesting Facts About the US Secret Service
Interesting Facts About Martha Washington
How much do you know about Martha Washington? Participate in our engaging trivia questions to see how well you do.
10 Interesting Eleanor Roosevelt Facts
Eleanor Roosevelt, wife to Franklin D. Roosevelt is still among the most popular First Ladies in America’s history. Read on to know m
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