US History Trivia Questions and Answers

With our inspiring and useful American history trivia questions and answers, we help you take a closer look at why American history is important and explore dates attached to events, learn about people long dead, and understand the story of our country. All our US history quiz listed here helps you get a detailed picture of how society and technology evolved from the past until now. We have gathered some of the best information so, our US history trivia has interesting information and facts. Do explore our American history quiz to learn and put your knowledge to test.

How Many US Presidents Have Faced Impeachment?
Have you heard about impeached US Presidents? Check out the blog to know more about American Presidents Who Faced Impeachment.
Why is Susan B Anthony important?
Susan B Anthony was a pioneer in the U.S. women’s history movement. Read on to know more about her life.
Interesting Facts About US Secret Service
What’s so secret about the Secret Service? Play our quiz to unlock the Most Interesting Facts About the US Secret Service
Interesting Facts About Martha Washington
How much do you know about Martha Washington? Participate in our engaging trivia questions to see how well you do.
10 Interesting Eleanor Roosevelt Facts
Eleanor Roosevelt, wife to Franklin D. Roosevelt is still among the most popular First Ladies in America’s history. Read on to know m
12 Amazing Statue of Liberty Facts You Didn’t Know
Did you know? Gustave Eiffel helped to construct the statue of liberty. Click here to know more amazing Statue of Liberty facts.
Martin Luther King Facts Quiz For You
Are you ready to refresh your memory? Find out unique Martin Luther King Jr. facts and more.
Lesser Known Facts About US History
You are one click away from learning these surprising facts about US history.
List of Major American Wars That You Need to Know
How well do you know about America's wars? Take our quiz on American wars to increase your knowledge.
Top 5 Most Influential People in American History
Which U.S president is known as the “Great communicator”? Play our Most Influential People in American History quiz to see the answer
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