US History Trivia Questions and Answers

With our inspiring and useful American history trivia questions and answers, we help you take a closer look at why American history is important and explore dates attached to events, learn about people long dead, and understand the story of our country. All our US history quiz listed here helps you get a detailed picture of how society and technology evolved from the past until now. We have gathered some of the best information so, our US history trivia has interesting information and facts. Do explore our American history quiz to learn and put your knowledge to test.

Which US President Banned Alcohol at the White House?
Rutherford B Hayes’ wife banned all alcoholic beverages. Uncover why the US President Banned Alcohol at the White House.
Who Was the Only US President to Serve as Chief Justice?
Did you know? William Howard Taft was known as the heaviest president. Uncover more facts about William Howard Taft.
Look at the 4 US Presidents Who Have Won Nobel Prize
Barack Obama, the famous US president who has won the Nobel Prize recently. But, do you know why Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize?
Who Was the First President to Die in Office?
William Henry Harrison served only 32 days in office. Discover more facts about William Henry Harrison.
What Happened during the 1948 Election
Did they do it on purpose was it a genuine mistake? What happened during the 1948 election, how did the new President handle it?
Who Was the First U.S. President to Appear on Television?
FDR was the first U.S. President to appear on Television. Uncover more facts about the first President on TV through our quiz.
Slavery in the White House: The First President to Not Own Slaves
Do you know which American president owned more slaves? Play our quiz “First president to not own slaves” quiz to know.
The American 50-Star Flag Design Was Created by a Schoolboy
Did you know? The present American flag was a result of a school project. Play our quiz to know more about 50-star flag history.
What Was the Last State to Join the US?
Hawaii was joined as the 50th state on August 21, 1959. Uncover more facts about the last state of the US here.
Who Was the Longest-Serving US President?
FDR is the only president to serve more than three terms. Read our longest-serving US President blog to learn more.
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