Basketball Trivia Questions and Answers

The ultimate basketball trivia with interesting basketball quiz games, NBA team quiz, NBA players quiz, and more. Play an awesome NBA history quiz and explore interesting basketball trivia questions and answers right here.

How Many Free Throws Did shaq Missed in His NBA Career?
Are you a fan of NBA? Are you curious to know how many free throws Shaq missed? Discover some interesting info on Shaquille.
Strange Sports Terms That You Didn’t  Know
From Catch a Crab, Deke, Spoon, Bump & Run, Nutmeg, to Pepper, some expressions sound like they have nothing to do with sports.
March Madness Schedule 2022 | Biggest Annual Sporting Event
NCAA’s Men’s Basketball Tournament will be a single-elimination tournament played by college basketball teams in the US.
Unbelievable Facts About the NBA That You Didn’t Know
Here are some of the important facts about the NBA that are truly fascinating and will entertain you.
Who Are the Greatest NBA Coaches of All Time?
If you were a great fan of basketball? Then you must be aware of the greatest NBA coaches and best coaches in NBA history.
Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame 101
The Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame promotes and preserves the history of basketball. Take this quiz to know more about it.
Top Interesting NBA Logo Quiz
All 30 NBA teams’ logos and names have a backstory. Take this NBA team logos quiz to see whether you identify them correctly?
Can You Identify These First in NBA History?
Can you guess the team who won the first NBA game? Try to identify these first in NBA history. Play our picture quiz now!
Can You Score 10/10 in Our NBA 20,000 Point Club Quiz?
Did you know? Wilt Chamberlain reached the 20,000 point club in just 499 games! Play our NBA 20,000 point club quiz now!
Sports Picture Quiz: Guess These Sporting Moments of 2020
Do you think you are knowledgeable about all sports events of 2020? Challenge yourself with our most engaging sports picture quiz!
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