Geography Trivia Questions and Answers

Geography is learning about the basic relationship between the environment and the people. It is all about understanding your dwelling and how you are related to it. A great way of learning geography is through world geography trivia and quizzes. This is why we provide online geography quiz, geography trivia quizzes, world geography quizzes, etc.

Most Amazing Facts about KīLauea Volcano
Explore the most amazing facts about the Kilauea volcano, its continuous eruption, other attractions, and how the volcano formed.
How Big Is Earth? (Size Comparisons of Planets)
Have you ever wondered how big the Earth is? Read our blog to learn about planetary distances from Earth.
List of Countries Americans Can Travel Without a Passport
Do you know how Many Countries Can Americans Travel Without a Passport? Read the blog and upgrade yourself!
How Many U.S. States Border the Pacific Ocean?
Let's see if you can guess the answer. Have you been to Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington?
Fascinating Facts about Sinkholes around the World
Here are fascinating sinkhole facts from various countries. Learn about the Golly Hole in the US and Xiaoxhai Tiankeng in China.
5 Jaw-Dropping Floating Gardens of the World
Floating gardens are the most picturesque landscapes one can ever witness. Learn about the popular floating gardens today!
Interesting Facts About The Grand Canyon You Must-know
Did you know who named Grand Canyon? Play our facts about the Grand Canyon quiz to unlock the answer.
Can You Score 10/10 on This Geography Terms Quiz?
Have you ever wondered how big the Earth is? Play our geography terms quiz to learn about geographic words beginning with s.
Geographical Terms Beginning With C
If you fancy yourself as a geography expert, this quiz is for you. Play our geography terms quiz to prove your knowledge.
Interesting Facts about Largest 3rd Map of the Universe
If you are curious to learn about the largest 3D map, you have landed at the right place.
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