Awards Trivia Questions and Answers

Oscar trivia is a one-stop solution to learn about Academy Awards, its history, and its winners. The ceremony features winners of Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, and Best Screenplay. Take our Oscar quiz to put your knowledge to test. They get awards for performing excellence in the film industry. Browse Oscar trivia questions and answers to learn more exciting facts on Oscars & play the latest academy awards quizzes. Want to know more about awards and recognitions? Read our Academy awards trivia now!

Grammy Awards History and Interesting Facts
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The History of the Oscars
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10 Famous Trophies Picture Quiz
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The First African American to win a Best Actor Academy Award
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Astonishing Things to Know about Hollywood Star Cost on the Walk of Fame
If you have thought that the Hollywood Walk of Fame is for free. Then, it is not. So how much does the Hollywood star cost?
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Meet the 2020 Nobel Prize Winners
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9 Most Daring Dresses That Have Been Worn to ACM Awards
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