Halloween Trivia Questions and Answers

It’s Halloween trivia time because Halloween season is right around the corner. Get to know what Halloween is, why we wear Halloween costumes and every intriguing detail about the origin of Halloween traditions with TriviaSharps Halloween trivia questions. Explore how Halloween is celebrated worldwide with TriviaSharp’s culture trivia. Follow the trail lit by Jack O Lanterns to find fascinating quizzes to entertain you this spooky season. Find how Halloween has evolved and more.

Everything You Wanted to Know about History of Trick or Treating
What do you do if someone says a trick? Explore everything about the history of trick or treating here at Trivia Sharp now.
10 Halloween Rituals That Shouldn’t Exist
Will you marry a person because an apple peel said so? Get to know about 10 weird Halloween rituals and other satanic rituals now.
Top Trending Presidential Halloween Costumes You Should Know
Want to know how Halloween is celebrated at the White House? Check out the blog on the best president Halloween costumes.
5 Most Expensive Halloween Costumes That Never Goes Out of Style
Most expensive Halloween costumes were inspired by famous movies. Discover about the luxury halloween costumes here.
5 Most Terrifying Real-Life Halloween Murders
Did you know? In 1974, a six-year-old boy was killed by his father on Halloween night. Read on to know why.
Halloween History: Why Is Halloween Celebrated on October 31?
Think you know the history of your favorite Halloween? Participate in our latest Halloween quiz to know why Halloween is celebrated.
The Story behind Wearing Scary Halloween Costumes
Did you know? People wore scary Halloween costumes to blend in with the ghost. Discover more about scary Halloween costumes.
What Are the Two Traditional Colors of Halloween?
Did you know why orange and black are the colors of Halloween? Get to know about the secrets behind the Halloween color scheme.
Halloween origin:In Which Country Did Halloween Originate?
With Halloween coming around the corner, let’s find out how Halloween originated through our fun Halloween origin quiz.
Best Halloween Movies for Your Halloween Movie Night
Did you know? The film Halloween is based on a true story! Read our blog to discover the 7 best Halloween movies.
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