Sports Trivia Questions and Answers

Put your sports knowledge to test with our online sports trivia and sports quizzes. You are here at the right place to try hard sports trivia games online. From football, baseball, tennis, wrestling, ice hockey, and auto racing, we share information on all major sports. Test your online sports knowledge with our hard sports trivia questions.

Surprising Super Bowl Facts You Must Know
Super Bowl is the most-watched television broadcast in the U.S! Read to know more facts about the Super Bowl.
Lewis Hamilton Facts You Probably Didn’t Know
Did you know? The most famous F1 racer, Lewis Hamilton, is a superstitious person! Discover unknown Lewis Hamilton facts.
Interesting Soccer Facts That Every Fan Should Know
Searching for a list of soccer facts? We have clubbed amazing facts about soccer that will blow your mind.
Interesting Facts about the National Hockey League (NHL)
Did you know? Frozen patties of cow poop were used as a puck. Read interesting facts about the National Hockey League (NHL).
Longest Tenured Coaches in the USA BIG FIVE
Find out everything about the longest-tenured coaches in NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and MLS with this engaging BIG FIVE sports quiz.
NFL Teams That Don’t Exist Anymore: Here’s Why
Think you know these old NFL teams that no longer exist? Test your NFL knowledge with our latest quiz.
Unbelievable Facts About the NBA That You Didn’t Know
Here are some of the important facts about the NBA that are truly fascinating and will entertain you.
Can you score 10/10 on this NFL football mascots quiz?
If you are a football creak then you must be aware of the famous football team mascots. Play our NFL football mascots quiz to know mo
Toughest Sports Team Logo Quiz
Can you wager a win? Play the sports team logo quiz to test your sports expertise with the toughest quiz on the internet.
Get to Know the Paralympian with Most Medals
Did you know? Trischa is the first visually impaired athlete to earn an NCAA division. Read on to know more
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