Invention Trivia Questions and Answers

Inventions drive the economy as they solve problems and change the world. Inventions and inventors influence all aspects of modern existence. They simply make human life easy. However, there are some cool inventions and worst invention ideas developed so far. Here at Trivia Sharp, we share useful, interesting, and amazing invention trivia questions and answers of all time. Take our Inventions quiz and play Inventions trivia games to know the reasons behind every invention.

What Are the Bad Inventions That Changed the World?
Not every strange invention has a good impact on society. Here we have gathered the list of bad inventions that changed the world. Re
Ten Most Important Inventions That Are Still Popular Today
The most important inventions in history are ranked. Are you ready to learn about these best inventions of all time?
Top 10 Inventions That Changed the World Forever
From the wheel to the Internet, learn facts about these ten inventions that changed the world forever.
What Did the First Vending Machine Dispense?
The earlier vending machines distributed holy water. Uncover the brief history of the first vending machine.
Top 50 Inventions of 2020 That Changed the World
Are you aware of the 2020 inventions that changed the world? We’ve listed the top 50 new science inventions right here!
Why Did Thomas Edison’s Talking Doll Fail?
Why did Edison’s talking dolls fail miserably? Learn how the design, voice, and look of the talking dolls made it scary.
Lesser-Known Inventions of Famous Inventors
Have you ever heard about the soybean car created by Henry Ford and Washington Carver? Read on to know more.
Which Scientist Invented the Rolling Office Chair?
Charles Darwin is a Pioneer of the wheeled office chair. Discover more facts about the rolling office chair and its history.
History of the Ice Cream Sundae
What is a sundae? It is time to learn the history of delicious Ice cream sundae, its origin and birthplace.
In Which City Did the Wright Brothers Test Their Flying Machine?
First successful plane in history was tested near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Discover exciting facts on Wright Brothers flight.
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