Michigan Trivia

Where Is the Only Floating Post Office in the US?
It is a wonderfully unique mailboat located on the cool waters of the Detroit River. Read more to uncover fun facts about it.
Do You Know Which of These Iconic Brands Is Still Made in America?
Discover facts about these iconic brands that have always been made in the USA. Read our blog to find out more!
5 Famous Buildings That Survived the Great Chicago Fire
These are the 5 famous buildings that survived the Great Chicago Fire. Read now to discover more.
Who Started the Guinness Book of World Records?
Started with an argument about birds, He decided to create a source of knowledge before the internet was in everyone's pocket.
Interesting Secrets about the Niagara Falls
The breathtaking Niagara falls has many astounding hidden facts you might wanna look into. Discover now!
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