Kings and Queens Trivia Questions

Get inspired with our queen trivia, king trivia and royal quiz. A monarchy is a form of government that is mostly hereditary. The power of the current monarch is passed down to their son or daughter. If you want to know more facts about the monarchies in olden days and the present-day monarchies, quiz yourself with Trivia Sharp’s modern monarchies quizzes, royal trivia, trivia of kings, etc.

These 5 Most Beautiful Queens in History Might Inspire You
Play and discover the 5 most beautiful queens and princesses in world history who were considered to be beauty with brains!
Prince Charles & Diana’s Love Story & the Royal Wedding
With over 2 million spectators, Charles and Diana’s wedding took place at St. Paul’s Cathedral. Learn more about the wedding.
What’s the Role of the Queen in British Rule?
Get to know the roles and responsibilities of the Queen of England and what the Queen does in this trivia.
Nicknames of the Royal Family Members You Didn’t Know
Did you know that the members of the royal family had unique nicknames? Play our quiz and find out the royal family nicknames.
The Reason the Queen Wears Bright Colors
The queen always wears bright color outfits to stand alone from the crowd. Check out the blog to know more about the reasons behind.
What Makes the Iolani Palace Special?
Iolani palace is the only royal palace in the United States. Read our blog to uncover historical facts about the palace.
Why Does the Queen Have Two Birthdays?
Queen Elizabeth celebrates two Birthdays, Read to know why and how she celebrates both of her birthdays.
What Are the Countries Where Royalty Still Rules?
Royalty will be there one way or another. Check this amazing blog out if you are concerned about politics.
The Eight Most Beautiful Queens in the History
Are you excited to know some real-life queens? Discover some beautiful queens in history and get amazed by their beauty.
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