Famous Monuments and Landmark Trivia Questions

Want to play the most iconic landmark quiz? You have landed at the right place to discover famous monuments around the world. Monuments reflect our history and innovative architecture. Take a landmark quiz or landmark trivia to put your knowledge to test. Our famous monuments trivia contains US landmarks quiz, world landmark quiz, famous US monuments & famous US landmarks.

Can You Answer This Politician Quiz?
Are you familiar with the US politicians and their fashion habits? Take this quiz to test your knowledge!
Facts about Four Corners Monument
Four Corners Monument is a place that allows you to be in four states at the same time. Take the quiz to learn more.
5 Famous Buildings That Survived the Great Chicago Fire
These are the 5 famous buildings that survived the Great Chicago Fire. Read now to discover more.
How Many National Historic Landmarks Are There in Washington DC?
Spend a minute to know some American history and culture. Read on to know some historical sites, museums and libraries.
Who Were the Victims of the Salem Witch Trials?
Do you doubt the existence of witches? Think twice, this blog tells a different story!
Top 8 Biggest Buddha Statues in the World
You will be surprised to know the origin and history of these top 8 biggest Buddha statues in the world.
When Was the Last Time the Liberty Bell Rang?
The bell rang for the last time to honor the birthday of Washington. After that, it stopped ringing. Here's know why!
Why Was the Great Wall of China Built?
One of the seven wonders the Great Wall of China holds a great history to tell! Uncover the real story behind the construction!
Where Was the Statue of Liberty Built?
Surprisingly, the marvelous Statue of Liberty was built in Paris, not in the U.S. Learn the whole story to find out!
What Are the 10 Secrets about the Egyptian Pyramids?
Fascinating and enormous pyramids hold some untold mysteries which need to be exposed! Be ready to unlock them one by one!
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