Technology Quiz Questions and Answers

Technology helps both businesses and individuals to grow. The future of technology is more interesting than what is happening now. It's going to change the way individuals communicate, learn, and think. From Apple iPhones to Driverless cars, we have got your covered! Take our technology quiz and ready our interesting technology trivia to gain positive impacts on the technology around you.

What Is Human Microchip Implantation and How It Is Done!
Does microchip implantation in humans bring any side effects? Discover the pros and cons of RFID chips in real time.
How Accurate Are Fitness Trackers at Detecting Calories Burned?
Fitness trackers estimate your calories burned using various factors. Check out how the fitness tracker accuracy is calculated.
These 13 Wikipedia Facts Will Leave You in Surprise
If we don’t know something, the first thing we google is Wikipedia. These 13 facts about Wikipedia will blow your mind!
Interesting Facts about Sophia- the Humanoid Robot
Sophia is the first humanoid robot of the world. She can interact with humans, make eye contact, and even frown when upset.
Everything You Need to Know about I’m Feeling Lucky Button
Have you ever wondered what does the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button means? Read now and discover more about it!
How Was Wi-Fi Invented?
Want to know how wifi was invented? Learn everything about the history of wifi and the first wireless router in the market.
You Must Know About These Drones Rules and Regulations
If you want to be a drone expert, uncover drone rules and regulations to enjoy piloting your drone.
You Must Have These 8 Best Home Office Accessories in 2020
Are you going to set up a home office? Read and discover the top 8 must-have home office gadgets that you all must own!
Best Outdoor Adventure Apps for every Travel Enthusiast
Love to camp, hike, mountain climb, or bike? Get your backpacks on and install these 7 apps on your smartphone today!
Do You Know What Can Hackers Do with Your Phone Number?
What will you do if someone stalks you via your phone number? Read now to find out what hackers can do with your phone number.
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