Travel Trivia Questions and Answers

Are you a travel buff? Test your knowledge of famous cities, places, monuments, beaches, and more by playing our travel quizzes. Here is the collection of travel trivia questions and answers on adventures, geography, holidays, shopping around the world. Know interesting facts on cities and countries that you've never heard before. Put your travel knowledge to test with our free road trip trivia and travel trivia games and quizzes.

Tourist attractions that no longer exist
Can believe there are tourist attractions that have been lost to time. Read along to know more about such spots and their history.
Surprising Facts About The Mall Of America
The largest in the United States of America, The Mall of America has several interesting facts that you to know. Read along to know.
What Makes Walkable Cities?
Have you heard what makes walkable cities? Check out the blog to focus on the benefits of walkable cities and how to make them.
Everything You Need To Know About Zlatni Rat Beach
Do you know Zlatni Rat Beach is one of the popular photographic destinations? Read along to know about Zlatni Rat Beach facts.
Top Snowshoeing Places For A Winter Vacation
There are fantastic snowshoeing trails to try this winter, each offering a unique winter experience. Read along to know more!
All About England’s Industrial Revolution and Coal Mining
Have you ever wondered what black gold is all about? Read along to know more about England’s revolution & Welsh coal mining facts.
All You Need to Know About Mykonos
Why is everything in Mykonos painted red, blue, and green? Check out the blog to learn interesting facts about Mykonos island.
Everything You Need to Know About Immortal Jellyfish
The older jellyfish have over 80 tentacles, which they use in hunting their prey. Read along to know about immortal jellyfish.
Cleopatra- Beauty Queen or Political Genius?
Cleopatra, a beautiful political genius, has left her imprints in both to indicate where she belongs. Here are some interesting facts
Unknown Inventions of Ancient Civilizations
Every civilization has its very own unique inventions. To know more about the history of ancient civilizations, check out the blog.
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