Travel Trivia Questions and Answers

Are you a travel buff? Test your knowledge of famous cities, places, monuments, beaches, and more by playing our travel quizzes. Here is the collection of travel trivia questions and answers on adventures, geography, holidays, shopping around the world. Know interesting facts on cities and countries that you've never heard before. Put your travel knowledge to test with our free road trip trivia and travel trivia games and quizzes.

5 Interesting Facts About Rainbows
Rainbow day is a special day. Everyone wishes to see it whenever it rises and shines. Learn more about rainbows' wonderful features.
Flags of 15 Different Countries that one should know
The top country flags and the values and beliefs they hold differ for every nation. Check out the flags of 15 different countries.
Top 10 Busiest Airports in the World
We have come up with a list of the top 10 airports in the world with the highest footfall. Read on to find out.
Interesting Facts About The Grand Canyon You Must-know
Did you know who named Grand Canyon? Play our facts about the Grand Canyon quiz to unlock the answer.
10 Interesting Facts About Mammoth Cave You Need to Know
Did you know wedding ceremonies have taken place in the Mammoth Cave. Discover 10 interesting facts about this cave system.
5 Tourist Attractions Sites in Brazil
Brazil is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Play our fun travel quiz now to discover top tourist attractions sites.
Most Underrated Places to Travel in 2022
Get to know the places to travel in 2022 to escape the crowd without escaping the fun. Play this quiz to discover the hidden gems.
Top 5 Island Holiday Destinations Around the World
Choose the perfect holiday destinations. Here we’ve listed the popular island destinations that urge you to travel.
50 Most Popular Food in USA
Are you familiar with the most iconic food in every state? Play our most popular food in the USA quiz to showcase your skill on state
Incredible Facts About the Mississippi River
Are you interested in learning more facts about the Mississippi river? You have landed at the right place.
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