Travel Trivia Questions and Answers

Are you a travel buff? Test your knowledge of famous cities, places, monuments, beaches, and more by playing our travel quizzes. Here is the collection of travel trivia questions and answers on adventures, geography, holidays, shopping around the world. Know interesting facts on cities and countries that you've never heard before. Put your travel knowledge to test with our free road trip trivia and travel trivia games and quizzes.

Which State Was Once Called Deseret?
The name Deseret comes from the “Book of Mormon”! Read on to know some interesting facts behind the state of Deseret.
Take a Beach Vacation If You Get at Least Half of the Questions Right
It is beach quiz time! Challenge yourself with our fun beach trivia questions to test your knowledge. Are you ready?
The Best Places to See Fall Foliage in the United States
Do you know some stunning sceneries in America? Get to know a few best places to see fall foliage in the United States.
Top 10 Oldest Stock Exchanges in the World
Are you curious to learn the world's oldest stock exchange? It is time to uncover the top 10 oldest stock exchanges in the world
How Much Do You Know Hawaii Islands? Take Our Quiz
Did you know? Hawaii is the only US state formed of islands. Play the quiz to know more fun geographical facts about Hawaii.
Can You Guess These Most Iconic Buildings in the World?
How well do you know these famous buildings from the last 100 years? Take this quiz on the 21st-century building.
The Top 5 Creepy Ghost Towns in the U.S.
Are you one of those people who love visiting ghost towns? Here is a list of 6 ghost towns that you must visit. Play the quiz now!
Facts about Four Corners Monument
Four Corners Monument is a place that allows you to be in four states at the same time. Take the quiz to learn more.
Amazing Facts about Charleston Harbor
The First Battle of Charleston Harbor took place on April 7, 1863. Read our blog to uncover facts about Charleston harbor!
Where Is the Highest Auto Tunnel in the World?
The Eisenhower is the highest auto tunnel in the world. What's the story behind these tunnels? Read our blog to find out!
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