Tennis Trivia Questions and Answers

Tennis is a lot of fun that requires concentration and endurance. If you follow Grand Slam, Australian Open, Wimbledon, US Open, French Open, you should be able to answer these tennis questions, tennis quiz, and tennis trivia questions. Our tennis trivia quiz questions include famous players, matches, and other interesting tennis facts that every tennis fan would love to hear.

What Is the Fastest Tennis Serve Ever Recorded?
Did you know, the fastest serve in tennis is 163.7 mph(263.4 kph). Read the blog to learn about men's tennis serve speed.
Strange Sports Terms That You Didn’t  Know
From Catch a Crab, Deke, Spoon, Bump & Run, Nutmeg, to Pepper, some expressions sound like they have nothing to do with sports.
Everything You Need to Know about Grass Tennis Court
If you want to know everything about grass tennis courts, including the benefits of playing on grass courts, read this blog.
Serena Williams Legacy: Everything You Need To Know
Serena Williams recently said she would be evolving from tennis. Here is a quick read about Serena Williams history in the sport.
Biggest Career Achievements by Rafael Nadal
Did you know? Nadal’s uncle was also a professional tennis player. Click here to know the biggest career achievements of Nadal.
15 Unforgettable Facts About Rafael Nadal
Head right into our fun quiz to discover fascinating facts about Rafael Nadal, the King of Clay tennis. Challenge the fan within.
Weirdest Tennis Rules We Bet You Didn’t Know About
Here, we clubbed unheard and weird tennis rules of tennis that you may not believe existed.
The Fascinating History of Tennis
Did you know which tennis player is nicknamed the Siberian siren? Play our fascinating history of tennis to discover the answer.
8 Famous Tennis player metldown You Must Know
Do you know about these insane tennis tantrums in history? Play the quiz to find out whether your favorites are there on the list.
What’s the Last Grand Slam Tennis Tournament Played in a Calendar Year?
Refresh your memory by guessing the last calendar year Grand Slam winners of 2019 and know more fun facts about tennis now
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