Football Trivia Questions and Answers

We bring you the best football trivia and NFL quiz questions and answers for the brightest football brains. Put your football knowledge to test with our exciting NFL football trivia questions and answers. Play our football quizzes and football trivia games online, golf trivia quiz and share your score with your friends. What's more interesting than playing online NFL trivia quizzes on a busy day!

NFL Teams That Don’t Exist Anymore: Here’s Why
Think you know these old NFL teams that no longer exist? Test your NFL knowledge with our latest quiz.
Can you score 10/10 on this NFL football mascots quiz?
If you are a football creak then you must be aware of the famous football team mascots. Play our NFL football mascots quiz to know mo
Toughest Sports Team Logo Quiz
Can you wager a win? Play the sports team logo quiz to test your sports expertise with the toughest quiz on the internet.
History of the Official American Football
Did you know? Pig bladder was used to make footballs! Play our quiz and discover interesting facts about the official American footba
American Football Scoring System, Simplified
Do you know how to score the highest point in football? Here is an amusing trivia on the American football scoring system for you.
What Sport Is Known as the ‘King of Sports’?
Did you know that football is known as the king of all sports? Take this interesting trivia to know more about soccer.
Can You Score a Touchdown In this “Oldest NFL teams” Quiz?
Only a die-hard NFL fan can score a touchdown in this quiz, are you that fan? Play this quiz to test your love for NFL games.
Know About the Top 5 NFL Teams with the Most Super Bowl Wins
Super Bowl is the most-watched show in the history of American television. Discover the top 5 teams with the most Super Bowl wins.
Can You Identify These Firsts in Football? Take Our Quiz
Prove that you are a true NFL expert by participating in this football firsts quiz to see where you stand!
Can You Score 10/10 in Our Deion Sanders Records Quiz?
Did you know? Deion Sander holds two Super Bowl rings. Play our Deion sander records quiz to know more interesting facts.
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