Football Trivia Questions and Answers

We bring you the best football trivia and NFL quiz questions and answers for the brightest football brains. Put your football knowledge to test with our exciting NFL football trivia questions and answers. Play our football quizzes and football trivia games online and share your score with your friends. What's more interesting than playing online quiz games on a busy day!

NFL Players Who Went Broke after They Retired
These players have just learnt the importance of saving money. But the way they did is distressing. Visit this blog to know more.
List of Top Sports Events Cancelled throughout History
It is shocking to discover that some sports events got canceled in history! Check out the stories behind.
Interesting Facts to Know about Sports Equipment
Learn why Tennis balls are yellow, aluminum Baseball bats are forbidden. Check out interesting sports equipment facts.
NFL Fun Facts the Casual Football Fan May Not Know
NFL players did not wear helmets until 1943. Seattle Seahawks team was named by fans. Do you want to know more?
What Team Hired the NFL’s First Professional Cheerleading Squad, in 1972?
History of cheerleading squad will amaze you. Go back in time to 1972 and know the history behind “Dallas Cowboys”.
How NFL Rules Differs From XFL?
The rules differences for XFL Vs.NFL is purely intended to create a safer, faster-paced game. Find out the biggest differences.
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